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Transworld Systems From Your Credit Report

The Ultimate Guide to Removing Transworld Systems From Your Credit Report

A good credit score lets you receive better interest rates on home and car loans. Experiencing financial difficulties can ultimately affect your credit score. That’s because delayed bills and loan repayments from your credit card can move debts to a collection agency like Transworld Systems.

Transworld Systems is a popular debt collection company. It is based in the US and works with multiple companies, organizations, and individuals. The company helps them with debt recovery and various accounts that have been past due.

Their most recent stride was when they acquired Alltran Financial Services back in 2020.

The company also does delinquent debt collection for various industries and businesses, including federal and state organizations, financial institutions, educational entities and SMBs.

The debt collection firm has been serving the industry for over 50 years. It has over $6 billion in their receivable accounts, attributed to their rich client base of over 60,000 clients.

They’re all about finding ways to help their clients receive the money owed to them. If you’re a debtor with long outstanding debts, it’s possible that your credit report could be having a collection entry. As such, it’s important to have any of the collector’s listings removed. The  listings will often appear as a collection account.

Who is Transworld Systems?

It’s a renowned financial institution specializing in debt collection services. They provide two basic services to clients; post-charge-off and pre-charge-off recovery. This means that clients are most likely to have a collection listing on their credit reports during the debt recovery cycle.

Pre-charge-off recoveries mean that the company is going to focus on the early intervention for clients to receive their payments from their borrowers. What happens here is that the firm is going to take over the accounts receivable process. Their main purpose here is to archive the latest past-due accounts. It’s also about preventing these accounts from becoming charge-offs and collections.

Also, note that post-charge-off collections are what happens when an account has been past due for some time. These are most common in healthcare, student loans, and credit card bills. The collector comes in to recover past due accounts on behalf of the owners. They also report the past due accounts to the major credit reporting agencies, which can lower down your credit score.

How does Transworld Systems compare to other debt collection firms?

Apart from this renowned collector, there are other collection firms that specialize in buying bad debts from companies and recovering them for a profit. One such notable firm is Enhanced Recovery Company LLC based in Jacksonville, FL.

ERC works for various firms such as credit companies, utility firms, telecommunications, and banks to recover long standing debts. They’re among the most popular debt collection firms with a bad reputation for consumer harassment. 

This debt collector, just like Enhanced Recovery Company, has numerous complaints from consumers regarding debt harassment. That’s a strategy that almost every debt collection firm uses to push consumers into settlement. 

How to remove Transworld Systems from credit reports


Debt validation

Debt validation is the most common way to remove Transworld Systems from your credit report. You can do this by requesting the company to confirm the source of the debt. Debt collectors have a legal obligation to provide debt validation at the request of the debtor. Their response will highlight the amount owed, the source, and what it was for.

This means that you can demand debt validation from any collection agency. It’s up to the agency to provide proper documentation to prove that the debt is yours.

Once you’ve sent your request for debt validation, the agency then has a month to prove you own the debt. If they can’t, then any negative entry or details can then be removed from your credit report.


Pay for Delete 

You can negotiate for collection removal with a settlement. But only do this if debt validation failed to remove the account. The main goal here is to offer Transworld Systems a payment. In return, the company agrees to have the negative listing removed from your credit report.

This strategy is very effective for getting the collection account removed. And will work with collection firms such as Enhanced Recovery Company. However, you still need to have the money to settle the debt, especially if the accrued amount is huge.

When doing the negotiation, it’s best if done in writing. Negotiating over the phone leaves you with no proof of your request and response given. The only time to make a call is when doing a follow up. Such as, after paying the money owed and the collection still not removed from your report.


Get a lawyer

There are also times when the disputed debt is very high and you’re not able to settle it. If that’s the case, then you are better off getting legal representation. Collection companies like Portfolio Recovery Associates might seek legal action in their bid to recover the debt. That’s why it’s best if you get yourself an attorney to argue your case with the debt collector.

But it shouldn’t just be any lawyer. It should be an attorney that specializes in consumer law. Make sure that the lawyer has experience dealing with collection agencies, particularly Transworld Systems. An attorney will guide you on how to counter demands from the recovery firm. This includes how to respond to their calls, demand letters, and more.

What you want is a fast and effective removal of the collection account from your report. Nonetheless, be prepared to spend some money to make the collection disappear from your report. Ensure that the attorney costs won’t surpass the amount of money the collection agency seeks to recover.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford an attorney, we recommend seeking assistance from Houston credit repair and Dallas credit repair firms.


Be prepared to take action on your part if any other collection firms like Midland Credit Management  contact you.

We hope that you are better informed on how to go about the Transworld Systems collection removal process. Seeking assistance with the collection removal is key as your chances of attracting better loan interest rates depend on it.

You can start with a debt verification letter to the collector to prove that the debt is yours.

Then create a demand letter for the removal from your credit report. If they are not cooperative, then proceed with contacting the three major credit bureaus. If you opt for pay-for-delete, you can also start with a lower offer to cheaply settle the debt.

Also, ensure that all payments are backed by a letter from the debt collector outlining the settlement terms. This letter is very important as it acts as proof should they try not to honor the removal agreement.