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Is your credit score getting in the way of your application for a Burlington Credit Card? Our experts can give you a free 15-minute consultation and help you pull your scores up before you apply!

What is a Burlington Credit Card?

Burlington is a trusted brand for high-quality apparel, jewelry, and other items. It offers a credit card that shoppers can use in-store to get bonuses, rewards points, and exclusive discounts.

With over 600 Burlington stores across the U.S., including Puerto Rico, this card can help you effectively finance your shopping sprees.

Therefore, if you avail yourself of a free consultation with our expert agents, you will learn everything there is to know about this credit card and succeed with your application!

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Consult with a Credit Repair Agent

Consult with a Credit Repair Agent

Burlington Credit Card is secure and a shopper’s handy cash-free wallet. However, you need to possess a fair credit due to its APR being relatively high at over 20%. If you are interested in applying, our team recommends a credit score of at least 630.

Don’t know your credit score? Our partner at IdentityIQ, a reputable company that issues significant credit reports, can give you discounted rates to access your information. If you want to know your score, find out more here.

What are the requirements?

To apply, you need to meet the standard requirements for any seeking approval for a credit card:

  • Of legal age based on the rules set by your territory
  • Have a government-issued Tax Identification Number (SIN or SSN)
  • Possess a valid National Identification Card with a photo attached
  • Have a valid U.S. Residential address

According to the USA PATRIOT Act, you cannot use your P.O. Box in place of your Physical Address when applying for a credit card nationwide.

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How to apply For a Burlington Credit Card

Burlington has an application site that asks you to follow a signup process to enter your details. You will also be asked to disclose financial and business details to gauge whether you are eligible for this credit card. If your Burlington application is approved, you will receive an email confirming it. It usually takes 7-10 business days for the credit card to be delivered to you.

How to use this credit card?

Here are some of the products and places that give you access to perks and cashback with your Burlington card.

  • Burlington stores. Avail of discounts and rewards at over 600 stores nationwide.
  • Burlington shoes. Pay for your shoe and bag purchases using this card in-store or online.
  • Burlington restaurants. You can dine in using this credit card to pay for your meal.
  •  Burlington Coat Factory. Shop for new apparel like coats and jackets with this card.
  • Groceries. Head to your local store and get discounts for your purchases!
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How to pay Your Burlington Credit Card

Burlington gives several ways to pay bills at your convenience. You can access the website using your smartphone or P.C., or you may also fulfill your dues through the mail. Your billing statement will include details on how you can pay your bills on time.

Can bills be paid using personal online banking?

You can also reference your Burlington account number and use it to set auto-debit payments through your bank. However, it could take up to five (5) business days for your payment to be posted.

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Program Benefits and Rewards

Your Burlington credit card entitles you to several perks that are an absolute shopper’s delight. Cardholders get one (1) point for every dollar ($1) spent using the card at any Burlington, Cohoes, and MJM stores nationwide.

New cardholders will also be eligible for a discount when you use a new card approved in-store. This Burlington offer is valid in select locations only.

All card applicants are enrolled in the brand’s loyalty program regardless of whether their application is approved or not.

Loyalty members are also privy to exclusive emails regarding shipping offers, item markdowns, and new arrivals in-store and online.

Once you reach 100 points when using your Burlington card, you will automatically receive a $5 reward certificate, which will be available on your monthly billing statements. You can also access it through the Account center and via email. Such rewards are valid for a period of sixty (60) days.

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There is no magical solution to improve your credit history, which is why you need to take the first step now to make it better. This ongoing process takes time, effort, and expertise, which our experts can provide for you. If you apply for a Burlington credit card but got denied, it’s not the end! Your credit score might be the reason you are not qualifying. However, your credit can be repaired—and we know how to do it. Talk to us today and have a credit repair specialist handle your queries through a 15-minute FREE consultation. We can help you get approved for this card in the best way!
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We provide our customers with the knowledge to improve their credit scores and ensure a brighter future. Enroll in the Burlington program and enjoy hassle-free shopping wherever you are in the U.S. We bring more financial prospects within your reach!

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There is no other suitable time to start consolidating your credit reports than right now. The sooner you seek our assistance, the faster you can access credit repair solutions, which are our specialty. When you avail of our free consultation and budget-friendly services, you will be able to qualify for any credit card you need!

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