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Everything You Need to Learn About Los Angeles Credit Repair

Credit is an essential aspect of financial planning for those who want to have leverage over their finances. A structured agreement between a buyer and a seller wherein the buyer takes something out of the seller and agrees to return it within a certain period is known as credit or leverage. Since 2004, 007 Credit Agent has provided credit repair and rehabilitation services in California, including Los Angeles. We prioritize individuals and aim toward making people experience meaningful and professional credit repair services.

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What is Los Angeles Credit Repair?

Los Angeles Credit Repair refers to credit repair services provided by reputable companies and professionals in Los Angeles, California. Credit repair is known as the process of improving a company’s or individual’s creditworthiness. They do this by utilizing the Fair Credit Reporting Act to exclude any inaccurate information from your credit report, which could harm your credit score. Although the client owes the money on an account, they will file a claim to have the information recorded investigated and removed if either the furnisher or the Credit Bureau violates the FCRA.
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What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is an important topic to address (FCRA). It governs consumer credit records and establishes rules on who is permitted to access credit reports. This statute, which has been in effect since 1970, verifies the credit details provided by each credit reporting agency. It has clear rules for the information gathered (bill payment record, present debts, previous loans, and job information), the time credit bureaus collect data, and the amount of time they can retain the information. The FCRA also controls how consumers can obtain access to their data. It gives people the following rights when it comes to their credit information:

Obtaining a copy of someone’s credit report –A credit reporting agency is required to provide access to an individual’s credit report twice a year upon the query. To gain access, the person must present proper identification.

Reporting Validity 

When a credit reporting agency discovers fraudulent information in a credit report, it must examine, verify, or remove it.

Access Controlled

It provides only access to credit reports to individual institutions. Banks, insurance agencies, and landlords are examples of these entities.

Personal Medical Information Privacy

Medical information about a person must be kept confidential by credit bureaus.

Data Security

Credit bureaus do not disclose personal account numbers or other sensitive details.

Los Angeles Credit Repair: All You Need To Know About Your Credit Score

Credit scores determine a person’s creditworthiness. It is a financial instrument used by lenders or banks to assess the risk of providing credit to a person, and, thus, it affects their decision to do so. Credit scores are assigned based on data collected by credit reporting agencies and credit bureaus.

About Your Credit Score

Factors Weakening the Credit Score

Delay payments

As previously reported, failing to pay for credit earned after the due date results in a negative mark on your credit report. After 30 days have passed after the due date, and the payment is still outstanding, this becomes more serious. Remember that even a minor payment delay can have a negative impact on your credit score. So, once you have fixed it and gotten a decent grade, make a habit of making payments on time.

Charge-off Accounts

After a borrower has made late or skipped payments, the creditor will lose trust in the borrower's ability to repay the loan. As a consequence, he pays off or charges the account for tax purposes. An enlisted third-party collection agency will try to recover the funds from the creditor.


Liquidation refers to the procedure of selling a company's assets when it becomes insolvent. The term 'insolvent' means that the company cannot repay its debts or liabilities, resulting in liquidation and company closure. Typically, a company liquidation will not weaken your personal credit score. However, failure to repay the credit amount after signing a personal guarantee may affect your credit rating. 

Debt Payment

Debt settlement or debt payment refers to a case when a borrower can only pay back a percentage of the debt owed to the creditor before agreeing with the creditor.


When a borrower falls behind on their mortgage payments, the bank can initiate a forced sale of the borrower's house, which serves as security for a loan.

As a result of our in-depth analysis of the importance of maintaining creditworthiness and the different ways where it can adversely impact credit scores, they must address credit repair or credit restoration. Therefore, the position of a credit agent or credit repair specialist is significant. While borrowers may fix their reputation on their own, this does not always have the desired effect. Credit repair necessitates detailed comprehension of credit reports and the ability to read and interpret them.

Why 007 Credit Agent is the best Los Angeles Credit Repair?

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Positive Reviews

We are a fully licensed, insured, and accredited business with A+ Rating from BBB. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit agency that assists consumers in identifying reliable service providers. Hence, if it reviews a credit repair business and gives it a favorable review and a high rating, it becomes trustworthy and can be named. We also have different reviews from our past clients, which verify our reliable reputation for improving one’s credit score.

No Credit Restoration Shortcuts

Credit repair isn’t something that even experts can complete in a single day. It necessitates a detailed review of credit records, confirmation of data from credit reporting agencies, and correspondence with different credit bureaus and debt collection agencies. We remove derogatory marks from credit reports within 30-45 days, minimum.

Better Credit Repair

Money Back Guarantee

We value our customers’ money and do our best to fulfill each customer’s needs. Thus, we provide a 90-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee for all our customers.

Individualized Services

With so many credit repair companies vying for your business, the personalization that one company provides sets them aside. Hence, we offer a one-on-one Credit Analysis Appointment and personalized services. These come in several ways, from various bundles for different clients to giving an account management page.

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Credit Repair In Los Angeles, CA And Nearby Areas

Los Angeles is a community located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area in Orange County, California. The town is located next to the Santa Ana county seat and does not include North Los Angeles. Because of a top 10 percent per capita ranking in start-ups and sole owners and one of Southern California’s shortest commutes, Forbes named the city as one of the top 25 cities to live well in America in 2009.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rebuilding credit will not be the same for everyone. Some are fortunate to see most of their negative accounts deleted or corrected in a month or two. However, this should not be the expectation as the credit repair process will be different for every case. The good news is that our credit repair specialist is very experienced and up to date with the most effective strategies on how to get your credit score higher sooner than later.

Some individuals have low credit scores because they have derogatory information such as late payments or collection accounts on their credit report. Others may have a lower credit score because they may have high utilization on their credit cards or may have little credit history. Contact our credit consultants for a free 15-minute consultation to go over your credit score.

You are entitled to a free copy of your credit reports every year from the major credit reporting bureaus. During the credit repair process, it is vital that we have access to your credit reports monthly as this allows our team to work on your case more efficiently. 007 Credit Agent has partnered with identityiq.com and provide a discount for their credit reporting monitoring services. You can take advantage of this discount by registering here, discounted credit reports.

Credit card balances affects 30% of your credit score. This is also known as credit utilization. The higher your credit balance is, the lower it will bring down your score. Paying off your credit cards can increase credit scores over 100 points after the balance updates on your credit reports.

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Our guarantee is an industry leading 90-day money back guarantee. If we do not remove or update to a positive standing any negative account within 90 days, we will provide a full refund.