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Everything You Need to Know About What Is A CPN All About

CPN is a credit privacy number, also known as a credit profile number with a nine-digit identification number that some companies claim could be used instead of a Social Security number. They’re sold as an even more private option to Social Security numbers, which could be appealing to people who want to conceal their poor credit background. On the other hand, CPNs are not a valid means of receiving credit or restoring credit scores. CPNs are sold to customers as a way to mask a weak credit history or bankruptcy. They’ll also say that you can apply for credit with your new credit identity using the CPN rather than your SSN.

What is the aim of CPNs?

Since the United States Privacy Act of 1974 allows citizens to withhold their Social Security numbers when they are not required by federal law, CPNs reside in a legal gray area. A Social Security number is not needed for credit applications under federal law. However, based on the Inspector General Office, CPNs are neither legal nor acknowledged by the government. Credit bureaus use a range of identifiers to ensure that they are dealing with the correct individual. Since other metrics, such as address and phone number, are still used, CPN sellers typically advise their clients to adjust them so that data can’t be compared.
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What Is a CPN and How Does It Work?

A credit privacy number is formatted similarly to a Social Security number and is intended to be used in place of one on credit-related applications. Those who purchase a CPN will be assigned a number that resembles their Social Security number. This may be a Social Security number—one that the company has stolen from a kid, elder, or correctional inmate, for example. The corporation might ask you to use a strange email address or phone number if you use the CPN under the pretext of “protecting your privacy”.

The Easiest Way to Rebuild Your Credit

By buying a CPN, you would not be able to erase your bad credit immediately. A more innovative strategy is to place the money you would have spent on a CPN scam into properly restoring your credit history. Here’s how to do it:

Make sure to pay your bills on time 

The most critical factor in your credit score is on-time payments. And if you can only afford to pay the bare minimum, delivering on time would help. Also, you need to set reminders for yourself or set up autopay on your accounts to prevent missing due dates. If you can’t be able to pay all of your bills at once because they’re all due at the same time, call the creditor to ask if you can change your due date.

Reduce the amount of credit you're using

This ratio, which is second only to payment history in credit score calculations, indicates how much your usable credit you’re using. In order to maintain your credit scores in good condition, don’t use more than 30% of your available credit, and aim for single digits for the best results. It would be best and possible if you’ll learn how to calculate your credit utilization ratio and boost it.

Keep your old credit cards working

If credit cards are burning a hole in your wallet, closing an account after paying one-off might seem like a safe way to escape temptation. However, doing so limits the overall usable credit, resulting in a higher credit utilization ratio. Maintaining older accounts also reveals that you have had the honor for a long time, which increases your credit score.

Applying for credit should be postponed

When you apply for a loan, credit card, or other revolving credit, the lender will request your credit file from one or more of the credit bureaus, resulting in a hard inquiry on your credit report. Thus, your credit score will suffer as a result of hard questions. Though its dip usually only lasts a few months, qualifying for several credit cards or loans at once can signal to credit scoring models like FICO that you’re in financial difficulty, which can lower your credit score.

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Avoiding CPN scams

When dealing with a business that provides a “new credit identity”, proceed with caution. Although there are several instances in which you can obtain a new Social Security number, such circumstances are exceedingly rare, and the process of getting a unique number is lengthy.

Obtaining an Employer Identification Number is a variant of the CPN scam (EIN). EINs are legal—companies use them for tax purposes—but they can’t replace your Social Security number, so having one won’t help you restore your credit. Finally, be extremely cautious if you’re asked to pay for anything involving your Social Security number or EIN. Both of these numbers are available at no cost. If someone charges you when you’re trying to get one, it’s a warning that you should do a corresponding action on the company providing the service.


Credit privacy numbers, or CPNs, are usually nine-digit numbers falsely advertised as Social Security numbers substitutes. Consumers with poor credit who have trouble applying for loans, credit cards, and other credit types are generally targeted for CPNs.

If you’re in a massive amount of debt and don’t think you’ll be able to get out on your own, you may want to think about debt settlement, debt management, or even bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy may lower your credit score, it may relieve you of enough debt to help you increase it over time.

Thus, it is essential to understand your rights if you’re worried about credit repair. If you think you can’t restore your credit by yourself, it would be best to contact 007 Credit Agent immediately. We can provide you with reliable solutions and help you improve your credit. Contact us today for a free one-on-one credit consultation.