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Dispute negative information to increase your credit scores. We guarantee to increase your score within 90 days with our credit repair service.

Better credit means better opportunities

Established credit helps with purchasing a home, car, or getting a better job!

Home Purchase

Lenders require a certain credit score to approve a mortgage.

Finance a Car

Buying a new car will boost your self-confidence and improve your image.

Reach financial goals

Reduce your stress. Reach your financial goals you've been aiming for!

More job Opportunities

Poor credit can lead to losing out on a new job. This is the reality. Fix your credit and get a better job.

Lower interest rates

Healthy credit? Better interest rates. Errors may lower your score, such as debt that you don't owe.

Get new Credit

Healthy credit? Better credit card approval odds. You'll get top tier rates & the best terms.

Looking for a Reliable Credit Repair Service?

A reputable credit repair service can improve your current credit situation. Learn about our credit repair programs and how we can help remove negative information such as bankruptcies, collections, and foreclosures.

We have many success stories and continue to help many Orange County residents and business owners.

Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back, No questions asked!

Remove Any Derogatory

Our Credit Repair System

Credit Report Analysis

Experience makes a difference

A credit repair agent will review all major credit reports and consult with you on the best course of action to reach your goals.

Need a copy of your credit report? You can obtain all three major credit reports a discounted rate through our partnership with IdentityIQ.

Custom and Advanced Solutions

Customized Solutions

Our team ensures that we put together the best solution for your credit repair needs. Every solution is unique and up to date to give you the best results possible.

No hidden fees or long term commitments. Although we cannot guarantee an exact time frame, we do guarantee that with our credit repair service, you will see credit score changes within 90 days.

New Positive Credit

Establish New Accounts

The more positive accounts and payments you can establish with the credit bureaus, the higher your credit score will increase. If you have poor credit or no credit at all, a secured credit card is a great starting point.
007 Credit Agent has partnered with a lender that will provide a guaranteed secured credit card approval. As long as you are not in an active bankruptcy proceeding, you will be approved!

Other Credit Repair Services

Sometimes disputing only with the credit bureaus is not sufficient. We provide other services when circumstances warrant it.

Need More Information About our Credit Repair Service?

How long will it take to fix my credit?

Every credit report and case is different. Most clients see changes within the first 30 days.

Can I remove negative information even if I still owe the creditor a balance?

Yes, legally any information that is inaccurate or unverified has to be removed even if there is still an outstanding balance on the account.

Need More Information

Understanding Credit

Many factors affect your credit score. Poor credit can happen to good people because of financial hardships, unscrupulous collection companies, or a lack of credit education. A credit repair agent will educate you on each of these factors so you understand how to address each when appropriate.

Financial Hardships

Life can happen to any of us. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Our agents will provide you with all the help and education you need to manage your credit through such a difficult time. Evening during such financial stressful situation, you can manage your credit and not incur any unnecessary harm to your score.

Pesky Debt Collectors

Getting phone calls daily can become overwhelming when dealing with debt collection companies. As with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, you also have legal rights that protect you from unscrupulous debt collection practices. Many times you can cease collection activities because debt collectors fail to comply with consumer protection laws.

Managing Your Account Balances

The utilization ratio of your credit cards impacts the FICO score. Although, we can help dispute negative information, we have no control over the usage of all your credit cards. They must be kept below 20 percent each to avoid damaging your scores.

Results Guaranteed

We are confident that your credit score will increase within 90 days of following our program that we will give you an unconditional money back guarantee. No questions asked.

“The group gave me more information about the way to handle your credit in a positive forward thinking direction than I could’ve asked for. Very thorough, very polite. Excellent just excellent.”

– Brian Brotherston.

“Do not spend your personal time trying to get your credit reports fixed. Just go through 007 Credit Agent. It has been less than 2 weeks and my the things I needed done are already taken care of! Thank you, thank you, thank you”

– Key Perry.

Money Back Guarantee

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