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Ashley Furniture Credit Card

How to Build Credit Score with This furniture credit card?

Have you thought about sprucing up your interior décor but limited by a bad credit score? Ashley HomeStore makes it possible to acquire luxury furniture from any of their outlets or dealers using the Ashley Furniture Credit Card. The card also comes with exclusive offers that aren’t accessible to other home store customers. On top of that, you’ll get to rebuild your bad credit score! The card submits consumers’ account activities to the main credit bureaus, making it one of the best cards to consider for rebuilding a bad credit score.

What’s Ashley Furniture Credit Card?

Ashley Furniture Credit Card from Synchrony Bank is a credit card designed for consumers to purchase furniture from Ashley HomeStore, selected clearance outlets, and retail locations. What makes the credit card outstanding is that it has minimal eligibility requirements with no annual fees. It allows you to make 0% APR purchases for up to 6 years.
This credit card allows consumers an introductory APR on 0% balance transfers for up to 18 months.

Benefits of The Ashley Furniture Credit Card

Ashley Furniture Credit Card comes with lots of enticing perks for consumers to acquire new furniture. If you make your payments on time, you can avoid unnecessary interests and fees. This is the same for any credit card.

Special Financing Offer

If you’re lucky to get the Special Financing offer and make your monthly payments according to the applicable terms, you can defer your interest payment for some time.  The offers include:

  • Six months no interest.
  • Twelve months no interest.
  • Twenty-four months no interest with a $1,499 minimum purchase requirement.
  • Forty-eight months no interest with a $2,499 minimum purchase requirement.

You need to pay close attention to the minimum purchase requirement. Otherwise, you may end up with high interest owed.

Financing with zero down payment

The credit card provides financing without requiring you to make a down payment. Most furniture stores demand consumers to make a down payment for taxes and shipping charges upfront. Ashley HomeStore lets you enjoy your furniture’s comfort a couple of weeks before making your first payment.

Account management on the go

With the Ashley furniture credit card, you’ll get to manage your account from anywhere on your laptop or smartphone. You’ll also get electronic statements, check your balance, and schedule payments in your online account.

No account opening or annual fees

There won’t be any charges for opening an account when applying for the furniture credit card. Additionally, there won’t be annual fees charged to keep the account active as long as you make your payments on time.

Any drawbacks to Ashley Furniture Credit Card?

Even though this credit card offers lots of perks, it comes with a few drawbacks worth considering.

High APR

The credit card has a 29.99 percent APR after the Special Financing timeframe elapses. However, you can avoid the interest by making full payment within the grace period of 23 days or between your closing date and the due date. The high APR can hurt your finances if you miss even a single payment.

Limited Store Use

You can only use this credit card on the Ashley HomeStore website, selected outlets, and dealers.

High Interests charges on deferred payments

This card is excellent and can let you enjoy contemporary furniture so long as you’re prompt with your payments. Losing the card’s zero interest benefits isn’t hard. If you miss or make a late payment while still under the Special Financing time frame, the 29.99 percent APR will be applied retroactively to your entire cost of purchase.

No account opening or annual fees

There won’t be any charges for opening an account when applying for the furniture credit card. Additionally, there won’t be annual fees charged to keep the account active as long as you make your payments on time.

What’s the credit score requirement?

Synchrony Bank has a high approval rate, and this is good news if you already have a good credit score. Your odds of getting this credit card approved are good if you have at least a 650 credit score. 

You can submit your application for the Ashley Furniture Credit Card online or visit any retail outlet to fill out an application. After your submission, their system will review your application and provide you feedback on the spot. 

Rebuilding a bad credit score

If you’re struggling with rebuilding your credit score, this furniture credit card is an ideal option to get your score back on track. The card reports to the three main credit bureaus, namely Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

The secret to rebuilding your credit score is ensuring that your payments are made on time and regularly. When the Ashley Furniture Credit Card reports to the three bureaus, it will demonstrate an excellent financial responsibility, hence boosting your credit score.

Who’s best suited for Ashley Furniture Credit Card?

Due to its high APR on deferred payments, the credit card will best suit Ashley HomeStore’s frequent customers. Frequent customers will get to enjoy financing their furniture purchases with zero percent APR.

Additionally, if your credit score isn’t great and you cannot qualify for any other credit card with a 0% APR introduction, this card is an excellent choice for you. You’ll have up to 6 years to make repayments for your large purchases, making it the longest intro offer with a 0% APR on the market.

With regular on-time payments, you can quickly rebuild a bad credit score and qualify for the standard credit cards within no time.

A reputable credit repair company can assist or advise you on how to repair and rebuild your credit score using the Ashley Furniture Credit Card quickly. 007 Credit Agent has lots of experience helping consumers rebuild their credit scores and disputing negative accounts off their credit report.