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How to Remove It From Your Credit Report

Planning to apply for a loan but Sequium Asset Solutions is hurting your credit score? If you need help in removing it, 007 Credit Agent can fix it for you. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to help you remove the Sequium Asset Solutions record from your credit report.

Sequium Asset Solutions

What Is It? Is It A Legit Company Or A Scam?

Sequium Asset Solutions, also known as Focus Receivables Management, is a small debt collection agency in Marietta, Georgia. It was founded by Greg Shubert in 2016. The company is legitimate company and not a scam as others might think. It operates as a debt collector for telecommunication services like AT&T, Comcast, and DirecTv.
If you have been receiving calls from them or seeing them on your credit report, it’s most likely you have an existing debt. Oftentimes this debt is from failing to pay your bills from a telecommunication service.

Why do you have Sequium Asset Solutions in Your Credit Report?

Failure to settle your bills from telecommunication services you purchase is one of the possible reasons. This may reflect on your credit report as a collections account and may damage your credit score.
However, if you are sure you don’t have any existing bills or debts to settle relating to it, it’s most likely there’s an error. In this case, you can seek solutions to remove it from your credit report and prevent it from ruining your credit score.

Should You Contact Sequium Asset Solutions Directly To Settle Your Credit?

If you are planning to contact Sequium Asset Solutions to help settle your debt, you should refrain from doing it. You can’t expect any good results from contacting them or making payments. It can even make your credit worse.
Therefore, the best thing you can do as soon as you find a collections account on your credit report is to seek and contact an expert credit repair service. You don’t need to worry about contacting the collection agency by yourself or even filing a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) if you haven’t received any response from them. 007 Credit Agent will do the work in these credit dealings for you so you won’t need to worry about it.

Will Sequium Asset Solutions File A Lawsuit Against Me or Garnish My Wages?

If you have existing debt, they may contact you to collect payment. But they won’t always come after you by filing a lawsuit or garnishing your wages if you fail to do so.
But in some cases, that they do, it may be a scary experience for you. To avoid this from happening, it’s important to work with an expert credit agency like 007 Credit Agent to lessen your burden.

Complaints About Sequium Asset Solutions

There are existing complaints on Sequium Asset Solutions to the CFPB and Better Business Bureau. Most of these complaints are regarding inaccurate reports, lack of debt verification, and even harassment by claiming they can file a lawsuit against you if you fail to settle your debt.
Based on one of the complaints received by CFPB, Sequium collects debts by offering a payment plan to settle the debt in full or in installments. Once settled, Sequium will credit the account and will record that the debt is paid in full. However, most complainants do not know that even if they settle the debt, the account won’t be removed from your credit report automatically.
Since most people are not familiar with the underlying laws about credit, they are taken advantage of. They take actions not knowing how it will affect their credit scores.
As such, seeking assistance from a reliable and professional credit repair agency like 007 Credit Agent can help tremendously. They understand the necessary steps to remove negative accounts from your report and how to improve your credit score. Aside from that, you can also be informed on how debt collections agencies work and avoid encountering the same situation again in the future.

Can I Negotiate or Pay Sequium Asset Solutions?

A collections account on your credit report can last up to 7 years regardless if you pay it or not. But there are ways to remove it from your record without the need to settle or pay. This is something debt collectors keep from the public but it is an important thing people should know.
As an expert in handling credit matters, 007 Credit Agent will help you take action in the credit repair process to ensure you have a good credit score. We have successful disputes with Sequium Asset Solutions and other collection agencies. We can assist you to negotiate your collection debt and have it removed from your credit report.
Sequium Asset Solutions

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