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Covington Credit: Is It Hurting Your Score?

Is Covington Credit damaging your chances of finding financial opportunities due to a bad credit score? You might require an expert’s help to ensure that your credit report is accurate, verifiable, and free of erroneous entries.

There’s little reason why you should lose sleep over your credit score. Our credit repair firm can provide the expertise you need. Therefore, give us a friendly call, and you can take advantage of our fifteen-minute consultation for free. Contact us today!

Covington Credit—What It Is

Covington Credit operates as a debt collection firm, which is a Southern Management Corporation subsidiary. It offers lending services through QuickCredit and Southern Finance. You might see it on a credit report with the label ‘collections’ account. It typically reflects on a report when you fail to meet your financial obligations. This collection account can do lasting damage to your score. Therefore, you should take action to remove it as soon as possible.

Did you know that paying debts could slash your credit score?

Paying off a collection account will not improve your credit score. Hence, there’s a chance you might be doing damage to your credit. Talk to one of our credit repair professionals and get a free consultation today! Our team can assist you in understanding your personal credit report. Let us help you identify and remove incorrect and harmful items so you can enjoy a higher credit score. Call now to discover how!

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Is It a Legitimate Debt Collection Firm?

Covington Credit operates as a registered subsidiary company and has legitimate ventures in South Carolina. It was founded in September 2002 and now has its headquarters in Greenville, SC. The company’s mailing address is listed as 3128 Forest Ln Ste 315, Dallas, TX 75234-7761.

This debt collection agency is small-sized and employs about twenty-five individuals. In 2019, the company was revealed to have generated annual revenue of $1 million.

Needless to say, some of our client have experienced aggressive collection activities from Covington Credit. While the parent company makes more accessible loans than traditional credit, its interest rates are high and notorious when you can’t repay your loan.

Complaints about Covington Credit

Various frustrated clients have filed complaints about Covington Credit. They lodged complaints to the BBB or Better Business Bureau, and the CFPB or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. More than a hundred grievances were filed to the BBB, while the latter has recorded two cases. Most of these complaints relate to the company’s failure to respond to requests for debt verification and inaccurate reporting. A particular complainant recalled how the company kept calling them every day and threatening to visit their residence since they failed to pay their bill. Another customer stated that a company representative kept pestering him even after making a payment. Several issues involving the US credit system has caused consumers to have erroneous entries on their credit report. Consequently, victims suffer financially and even psychologically. Debt collection agencies take advantage of the fact that not many people know how to deal with their abuse. What does it mean? If you have credit woes, contact a professional credit repair agency. They can help challenge negative accounts and delete erroneous entries. It will improve your credit score and provide opportunities to secure car and housing loans. Additionally, it will help you qualify for that credit card you want.
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Can Covington Credit Be Disputed and Deleted?

Have a professional review your current credit situation to understand the best approach for removing a collection. They will have experience dealing with incorrect collection accounts on your credit report. Our team is adept at helping you remove damaging items on your history that lowers your credit scores.

Our agency has an outstanding track record disputing collection accounts. If you notice a Covington Credit entry on your report, don’t hesitate to call us ASAP!

Why Choose Our Agency?

Our team has assisted thousands of credit repair clients over the years. We develop a long-term interest in all our clients. Not only do we help you with better scores but also educate you on credit. We want fellow hardworking Americans to have accurate, complete, and verifiable credit reports. This will enable more financial opportunities such as loan and credit card approvals.

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When should you seek our services?

If you see a Covington Credit collections account on your report, don’t waste your time wondering whether you should approach a credit repair specialist. Call us immediately to ensure that this erroneous entry won’t damage your record for seven years. We’re geared and ready to help you anytime!

Learn How to Fix Your Credit Now!

Let our agent explain how we arrive at a tailored credit repair process to improve your credit score. Please don’t hesitate to contact our credit repair agency and get a free consultation right now! Give our specialist a call today, and let’s begin fixing your credit!

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