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A good credit score can bring impact not just on your finances but your life in general. This is why it is important to fix your credit if you have poor credit scores. Look no further than to our Chicago credit repair services.

That’s why 007 Credit Agent continues to expand. We also offer our credit repair services in Chicago and aim to help those who are struggling with their credit in the Windy City.

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Improve Your Credit Score in Chicago

The city of Chicago offers a lot of attractive social scenes. Its economy is thriving, and it offers a lot of job opportunities for its residents. But behind these attractions, many people in Chicago face a lot of problems in regards to their credit report.

The average credit score of the people living in Chicago is 648. It is quite a lower score compared to the whole state of Illinois which is 671. Based on FICO, Chicago’s average credit score is a fair rating. It means it is below average but has a chance for most lenders to approve loans.

Does It work

To determine your credit score, your accounts owned, credit mix, debt ratio, length of credit history, payment history, and new credit are all looked up. If it happens you encounter late payments, frequent credit applications, or unpaid debts, it can affect your score. If you have bad credit, you will find it hard to avail yourself of loans in the future.

But we understand how most people come up with a bad credit score. There’s the economy that results in some employees getting laid off from their jobs, unexpected emergencies concerning health, and some other financial hardships that come along the way. These may result in unpaid bills and maxed-out credit cards.

We are here to help you improve your credit score, so you can continue living the life you deserve!

Credit Repair in Chicago Features

There are lots of local credit repair companies in Chicago. All have unique features to serve every client’s needs. And yet, you still can’t find a reliable one who can help you with your credit concerns.

Our Chicago credit repair service is the leader in successfully solving credit issues in the city. We do everything we can to stand out among the rest and offer you what’s best! We will do our best to:

Improve your credit score without any hassle

We will make a thorough analysis of your credit report to know the variables of what's affecting your credit to score low. In this way, we can proceed with the necessary steps on how we can work on improving your credit scores with no hassle on your part.

Remove collections, charge-offs, or bankruptcies that ruin your score

We have a team of credit repair experts who have the skills and experience to handle disputes and negotiations to successfully remove all negative marks on your credit report.

Get a high chance of approval for the loan you want

With our years of expertise, we will always do our best for you to get the credit score you always wanted to achieve. After working to boost your credit score, you don’t need to worry about loan applications. Your loans will be approved easily which will help you to invest the required amount of money in any profitable sector you want. 

Credit Analysis

We will review your credit report to find out if there are inaccuracies on the negative items. We will inform you of the credit repair process and the plan we come up with to improve your credit.


After finding out any possible reasons for your bad credit, we will proceed with the dispute. We will work with your creditor and the credit bureaus to negotiate the negative marks on your credit report. We have our expert legal team to deal with this matter.


Track Progress

As we do the work, you can stay chill and be patient while we work on resolving your credit. You can access the client portal anytime you want to check current updates and improvements on the process. This may take months, depending on your credit issues and how fast other parties will respond to us, so we ask for your patience.

Credit Restoration

No matter how hard and complicated your credit concern is, we will do our best to restore your credit and help you achieve your credit goals using our custom tactics.
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Get Rid of Your Bad Credit With Chicago’s #1 Credit Repair Service

007 Credit Agent has proven work in solving credit-related issues in Chicago. You can check some of our client reviews and see for yourself how we help them change their financial status. If it’s possible for them to overcome their struggles with their credit score, it’s possible to happen for you as well.

We stick to our goal to improve your credit score and get rid of all your negative marks in your credit report. With a good credit score, you can avail a lot of possibilities for you and your family’s needs and live the lifestyle you deserve.

What are you waiting for? Start working with us to improve your bad credit scores! If you live in Chicago, please contact us if you need help. We offer limited slots for consultation, so hurry and contact us now!

Credit Repair Works

Our diverse client base in Chicago have had their credit improved, now you can too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rebuilding credit will not be the same for everyone. Some are fortunate to see most of their negative accounts deleted or corrected in a month or two. However, this should not be the expectation as the credit repair process will be different for every case. The good news is that our credit repair specialist is very experienced and up to date with the most effective strategies on how to get your credit score higher sooner than later.

Some individuals have low credit scores because they have derogatory information such as late payments or collection accounts on their credit report. Others may have a lower credit score because they may have high utilization on their credit cards or may have little credit history. Contact our credit consultants for a free 15-minute consultation to go over your credit score.

You are entitled to a free copy of your credit reports every year from the major credit reporting bureaus. During the credit repair process, it is vital that we have access to your credit reports monthly as this allows our team to work on your case more efficiently. 007 Credit Agent has partnered with identityiq.com and provide a discount for their credit reporting monitoring services. You can take advantage of this discount by registering here, discounted credit reports.

Credit card balances affects 30% of your credit score. This is also known as credit utilization. The higher your credit balance is, the lower it will bring down your score. Paying off your credit cards can increase credit scores over 100 points after the balance updates on your credit reports.

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Money Back Guarantee

Credit Score Improved Or Your Money Back

Our guarantee is an industry leading 90-day money back guarantee. If we do not remove or update to a positive standing any negative account within 90 days, we will provide a full refund.