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Credit Repair Services in Irvine, CA

Our Irvine credit repair service can help you remove detrimental information from your credit report, therefore eliminating the bottlenecks that keep dragging your credit score down. A bad credit score comes with lots of negative consequences that can make your life a nightmare.

With a poor credit score, your loan applications will continuously face rejections. Your credit card will attract a high rate of interest.  And you might also miss out on job opportunities. The list of problems is undoubtedly endless, but you can rebuild your credit score by finding the best credit repair agent in Irvine.

Finding a reputable credit repair company in Irvine can be challenging due to the many firms offering credit repair services in Orange County. At 007 Credit Agent, we understand the credit repair processes in and out, making us one of the best credit repair companies in Orange County.  We know our clients’ needs and take a personalized approach to restore their good credit scores.

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What’s in our Irvine Credit Repair Services 

Regular Credit Reporting

We understand the importance of your credit report, which is why we ensure that you get monthly updates about all activities. No single aspect of your credit report goes unchecked. Our credit repair software and professional team will monitor your credit activities and generate a detailed report with a summary of your current standing and what needs to be done to improve it further.

Credit Card With Restoration

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re committed to ensuring that our credit repair services in Irvine are satisfactory and the best. We work tirelessly to create a good impression on your report. To show our commitment, we offer you a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your credit profile, ask for your money back!

Lower interest rate on your credits

With a bad credit score, more than often, you’ll always be charged exorbitant interest rates. At 007 Credit Agent, we’re committed to change that. We’ll eliminate all harmful elements on your credit report through our credit repair services and consultations, which will ultimately earn you lower interest rates on your credits.
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Why Choose Our Credit Repair Services in Irvine? 

What makes 007 Credit Agent stand out is our personalized approach when dealing with your credit profile. Our Irvine credit repair service offers a comprehensive solution for all your credit problems so you can once again acquire a standard credit card and live life wholeheartedly.

Pay as you go 

When it comes to our services’ affordability, we beat most credit repair companies in Orange County. Regardless of the type of credit repair service you seek, we won’t charge hefty fees. Instead, we have personalized packages that define the credit restoration level a customer can choose.

Each package also has specific credit repair strategies and allows the enrolment of one or more accounts. As such, you get to choose a package that fits your credit repair budget well.


We value transparency in all our credit repair services. We’ll keep you updated with the status of all the items on your credit report and score. Any activity, such as harmful elements deletion from your profile, will be reported to you.

We will track your credit score progress and improvement as your client profile strengthens. We will only charge you per your credit position improvement. 

Dedicated Services 

Our Irvine credit repair service is wholesome; we offer dedicated services to cater for Business Credit and Federal Student Loans. We have competent professionals with experience in assisting entrepreneurs with business setup processes and successfully build a strong credit profile.

Additionally, we offer students assistance with their student loans through various strategies such as payment reduction, loan consolidation, rehab default loans, and student loan leniency.
With our dedicated credit repair Irvine consultants, we consider every aspect of your credit profile to provide you with a satisfactory credit score that lets you live your life passionately.

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What Our Clients say about our Irvine Credit Repair Services

Credit Rating

Waneda Chadwick 

I needed commercial project financing, but I was worried that my credit score would bar me from securing a loan. I’m grateful that 007 Credit Agent turned things around for me with my credit score. Today my project is in its last phase after they rebuild my credit score. I’d recommend them to anyone!

Chester Griffith 

I was a little hesitant about giving out my personal information to credit repair companies. Gil from 007 Credit Agent gave me the assurance and comfort I was looking for. Their customer service, transparency, and frequent updates were essential in building trust with them. I’m glad that I found this credit repair agent!

Annette Nova

They shared lots of helpful information about how I can handle my credit report elements in a way that I didn’t expect. The credit repair agent is very detailed, well-informed, and polite. I can say they’re the best credit repair company I’ve worked with so far!

Our Irvine Credit Repair Services Area Coverage

We have one of the most extensive service coverage in Orange County, California. Our Irvine credit repair service is designed to help business startups in the city rebuild their credit profiles to help them get credit financing approvals from lenders.

Irvine’s economy is steadily growing, which is why it’s a favorite hub spot for entrepreneurs. Irvine serves as the headquarter for most firms in the semiconductor and technology industry. The city continues to attract even more businesses every day. We’ve designed our credit repair services to accommodate startups looking to develop their businesses in Irvine.

More importantly, our service coverage extends to all other cities of Orange County, CA. These include Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, San Clemente, Brea, Fullerton, Orange, and Anaheim.

Credit Repair Works

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Clients In Irvine, CA Have Had Their Credit Repaired. We Can Assist You Too!

007 Credit Agent Serves Irvine, CA And Nearby Areas

The city of Irvine is rated as one of the top cities for start-up businesses in Orange County. It has a growing economy and is home to many businessmen. It also serves as the headquarters for many companies in the technology and semiconductor industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rebuilding credit will not be the same for everyone. Some are fortunate to see most of their negative accounts deleted or corrected in a month or two. However, this should not be the expectation as the credit repair process will be different for every case. The good news is that our credit repair specialist is very experienced and up to date with the most effective strategies on how to get your credit score higher sooner than later.

Some individuals have low credit scores because they have derogatory information such as late payments or collection accounts on their credit report. Others may have a lower credit score because they may have high utilization on their credit cards or may have little credit history. Contact our credit consultants for a free 15-minute consultation to go over your credit score.

You are entitled to a free copy of your credit reports every year from the major credit reporting bureaus. During the credit repair process, it is vital that we have access to your credit reports monthly as this allows our team to work on your case more efficiently. 007 Credit Agent has partnered with identityiq.com and provide a discount for their credit reporting monitoring services. You can take advantage of this discount by registering here, discounted credit reports.

Credit card balances affects 30% of your credit score. This is also known as credit utilization. The higher your credit balance is, the lower it will bring down your score. Paying off your credit cards can increase credit scores over 100 points after the balance updates on your credit reports.

Still have questions?

Money Back Guarantee

Credit Score Improved Or Your Money Back

Our guarantee is an industry leading 90-day money back guarantee. If we do not remove or update to a positive standing any negative account within 90 days, we will provide a full refund.