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Establish Business Credit Without Using Your Social Security Number

Yes, you can obtain credit approvals under your business without personally guaranteeing the credit application. There is a process to setting up your business properly so that lenders will automatically approve you for this type of credit. 

007 Credit Agent Business Credit Consultants Will:

Just as your personal credit needs credit accounts to start building a FICO score, your business needs vendor accounts in order to start building a PAYDEX score. Our credit repair consultant will monitor your credit throughout this process to ensure you stay on track and get the financing you need for your business.

Business Credit You Can Get Approved For:

Business credit allows much higher credit limits than what you would get approved for on a personal credit card. 

Don’t let a bad credit history affect your company’s growth!

Whether you have to set up a new business or expand your current one, not everyone has the money or resources at their disposal to fully fund their business needs. To ensure that the company’s growth is never hampered by the lack of money to sustain it, companies obtain loans. As easy as it sounds, there’s one thing that can come in the way of procuring a loan for your business—and that’s business credit.

Just like you have a personal credit score, your business credits score is an accumulation of all the financial transactions your business was a part of. It keeps a record of a business’ financial responsibility and is a major factor in determining whether a company is reliable enough to do business with or lend money to.

As important as a business credit score, it’s ironic that 72 percent of small businesses don’t know how to interpret their business credit score—as such, they’re unable to increase the value of their company and face trouble with acquiring financing. If you’re in a similar situation, let an experienced business credit advisor help you out.

At 007 Credit Agent, we know that insufficient or delayed funding is one of the primary reasons why businesses fail, and we’re here to help you avert the crisis. We offer expert business credit repair services in Fullerton to ensure that your business credit is good enough to receive better interest rates, lengthy payment periods with lenders, better loan terms, as well as negotiation leverage.

Our business credit consulting helps you keep track of your business credit so we can get ahead of any inaccuracies such as missed payments or increased debt that may damage your company’s credit history.  We ensure that you pay your bills on time so other businesses and loaning parties can have more faith in your company when doing business with you.

Our business credit repair services include setting up your business to meet lenders and get initial trade credit to develop your business credit reports. We also set you up and activate your credit profile with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax Commercial to kick start your company’s progress.

In addition to that, our revolutionary Business Credit Builder can help you access various types of credits such as store business credit, fleet credit, cash credit, and auto vehicle financing so your business never has to face any hindrances in its day to day operations.

Hire our business credit advisor in Fullerton and benefit from our services today!

Credit or debt is an integral source of financing a business. Apart from equity capital, entrepreneurs look for credit opportunities that will help them to expand their business. They reach out to banks, microfinance institutions, and crowd-funding sites.

However, to obtain business credit, businesses must be stable from a financial standpoint. All lenders, before extending credit, will ascertain the creditworthiness. They would look at the business’s credit score and credit repayment history. The availability of collateral and business cash flow are also deciding factors. 

007 Credit Agent takes care of the nitty-gritty of business credit. Expert Credit consultants have come up with comprehensive business credit repair services that focus on all aspects related to business credit. 

However, to understand these services, it is crucial to be aware of the issues that come to the forefront while handling business credit. These issues are:

    • Finding desirable credit options becomes a problem for newly established businesses. They do not have the necessary credit history to qualify for loans. As a result, they end up paying high-interest rates for the business loans they get approved. Moreover, the profitability is low in the early (growth) stages of the business and business owners struggle to pay off the debts
    • The hefty loan amounts weaken the financial position of the business. Businesses that are barely meeting their operational expenses and are low on profitability default on loan repayment. The poor credit history, including late payments, charge-offs, or forbearance, lowers the credit score further. Consequently, the business is not able to get credit or has to pay high-interest rates, further crippling the business
  • Inadequate cash flow is a deterrent to businesses getting loans. It is the first thing that catches the attention of lenders and signals that the company is in a weak financial position
  • Business ventures without a solid business plan do not go down well with lenders. They would be doubtful about the business’s future and getting back their money
  • Too many loan application make the borrower look confused, and it is a red flag for credit agencies

The above issues necessitate the intervention of professional Business Credit advisors. With their experience and expertise, they can help businesses in improving their business credit scores and managing credit. They will help business owners understand their credit reports and inherent issues. Thus, it would enable business owners to manage their finances more deftly in the future. 

007 Credit Agent offers wide-ranging business credit repair services.

We, at 007 Credit Agent, understand the issues related to business credit and offer services that cater to all scales of businesses. These services will help to improve the business credit history, get better credit opportunities, and expand the business. At 007 Credit Agent, the business credit services fall under three categories:

  1. Credit Building
  2. Credit Repair
  3. Credit Monitoring

Credit Building refers to the process when Credit Repair consultants help entrepreneurs in creating their business profiles to qualify for credit opportunities. It includes verifying that the business has required licenses and approvals.

The credit repair specialists ensure that the business profile is active with the major credit bureaus Dun and Bradstreet, Business Experian, and Equifax Commercial. They also ensure that the credit bureaus have the correct information about the business. These bureaus utilize all the credit-related information to come up with credit reports and business credit scores. Thus, credit agents take special care to verify the authenticity of the data. 

The foremost issue related to business credit is that startups or newly established businesses face a hard time in finding credit opportunities. Their short credit history makes the process even harder. From a business stand-point, a new business venture comes under review in several scenarios. From vendors to investors, suppliers to potential employees, everyone scrutinizes the business before associating with it. Thus, 007 Credit Agent offers services that enable businesses to get initial trade credit. They set up vendor accounts for businesses and ensure that the vendor accounts report the accurate payment history to the credit bureaus.

Many businesses experience seasonal fluctuations in demand and unexpected expenses. As a result, the business cash flow might also fluctuate. In such situations, revolving credit is a good option, and 007 Credit Agent offers just that. Revolving credit is useful for meeting operational expenses and is a convenient and flexible option.

Credit Repair is the second segment of service. Through this, the credit repair specialists help their clients to improve their credit score. They negotiate with lenders to alter repayment plans so that the business does not default on loan repayments. Credit agents work in close collaboration with credit bureaus to dispute negative information in the business credit reports. They also offer debt consolidation programs to businesses to provide a long-term solution to their credit issues.

Credit monitoring services are an assurance to the clients that the Business Credit Advisors are watching their business activities and would take immediate steps to counter threats that can affect their credit scores and business relationships.


Setup Business Profile

The first step in establishing business credit is to ensure that your business profile is setup properly. Your business must have all the proper licensing and the right business structure from the start. Establishing your business will take time and the process cannot be rushed. 

During this crucial step, we will make sure all your filings are congruent such as state and federal filings. Lenders want to see on what day you established your business bank account. When choosing a business name you want to be conscious of the name you choose because certain names can get your automatic denials for many banking products.  

007 Credit Agent provides a checklist of lender and creditor automated approval requirements when applying for any type of financing. Does your business have a professional website and business phone number? There must be a physical business address. Your business entity must be open, active, and in good standing. Here are some of the most important factors your business needs: 

  • 411 National Directory Listing
  • Federal EIN matching State Filing
  • Professional Website and Email
  • Separate Business Phone
  • DBA: Any “doing business as” must be on all state/federal/banking records
  • Establishing a Business Bank Account

Activate Business Credit

After setting up a business profile, business credit reports must be activated with the three major business credit bureaus. Your Dun & Bradstreet, Business Equifax, and Business Experian reports need to active. Dun & Bradstreet is the world’s leading source of commercial information. Many suppliers, lenders, and leasing companies share and pull business credit reports from Dun & Bradstreet to assess the credit worthiness of businesses. 

As such you must obtain your Duns number under your business. We partner with and through our partnership, we have obtained a discount on business credit monitoring. 007 Credit Agent business credit analysts will monitor your business reports and can dispute information harmful to your business. 

Equifax Business and Experian Business credit reports are activated and are setup to obtain a good credit score.

Net 30 Vendor Accounts

To start building business credit not associated with your personal credit report, we need to establish business credit accounts that report to the business bureaus. Most vendor accounts do not report payment history to the bureaus so it is important to use only accounts that will help build your business credit. 

We will setup net 30 vendor accounts that will report payment history to Duns & Bradstreet, Business Experian, and Business Equifax. These initial business accounts will prepare the business to get store and fleet credit. 

  • Initial Business Approvals without a Personal Guarantee
  • Net 30 terms for Business Accounts
  • Both New and Existing Businesses Approvals
  • No Business Financials are needed

Whether you use our vendor accounts to build your initial business credit, or take advantage of our Unsecured Business Financing program, you’ll get your initial business credit profiles and scores established with D&B, Equifax, and Experian, so you can start to secure HIGH-limit revolving credit from stores as well as fleet and cash sources, without a personal guarantee or credit check.

Get Revolving Credit

Once your initial business credit is established, you’ll start to get access to high-limit revolving credit cards in your business name that are linked to your EIN number, not your SSN. This credit requires no consumer credit check, or personal guarantee for approval. You’ll be able to secure:

  • Store business credit with Dell, Apple, Walmart, Amazon, Costco, Sam’s Club, BP, Chevron, Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, Office Depot, Ikea, and with most other major retailers
  • Fleet credit for fuel and auto vehicle repairs for your primary vehicle, and a fleet of commercial vehicles
  • Cash credit including Visa and MasterCard accounts you can use in most locations worldwide
  • Auto vehicle financing to purchase or lease your primary vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, in your business name

Our Business Credit Builder helps you obtain credit with places like Amazon, Walmart, Dell, Apple, Costco, Sears, BP, Chevron, Sprint, and most other major retailers with individual credit limits of $10,000-$50,000. Plus, you can see each credit issuer’s underwriting guidelines, so you’ll know you can get approved before you even apply.

You’ll also get access to high-limit, revolving fleet credit cards you can use at multiple locations for all types of vehicle needs including vehicle maintenance, tires, fuel, even major repairs. Fleet credit helps you cover your individual auto vehicle expenses, as well as those that occur when managing a fleet of vehicles.

Plus, you’ll get access to high-limit, revolving CASH credit cards you can use at most stores worldwide. These Visa and MasterCard credit cards don’t require a personal credit check or a personal guarantee for approval, and allow you to take physical cash out of the cards.

And, through your finance suite, you can get approved for auto vehicle financing that doesn’t require a personal credit check or personal guarantee for approval. You can access multiple funding sources, and finance one or more vehicles in your business name with no consumer credit reporting.

We help you through the entire business credit building process for obtaining initial vendor accounts to start building business credit, to obtaining high-limit store and fleet credit cards, to getting approved for cash credit and auto vehicle financing, all of which requires no personal credit check or personal guarantee.

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