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Student loans can create financial hardships, especially during the current COVID-19 environment. Our student loan advisers can determine if you qualify for relief. Speak to one of our experts today and eliminate the student loan burden.

Don’t let the crippling student loan worsen your credit score

Let’s face it, the college education system in the United States is far from affordable and that’s why countless students have to face the overbearing pressure of student loan severy year. Some find great jobs right after graduation and can make the payments right away, whereas others work their whole life just to meet the amount. But did you know student loans also affect your credit score?

Your overall credit score impacts your financial position and is one of the leading factors that determine whether you can get a loan from banks or another lending party. It speaks volumes about your financial responsibility and history and plays a great role in determining the state of your finances in the future.

If you miss out on monthly installments of your student loan repayment, your credit score will drastically reduce as the payment history makes up 35 percent of your credit score. In addition to that, if your payments have defaulted for more than 270 days, your entire loan payment becomes due immediately, which is a financial burden people try to avoid at all costs. But did you know that you may be eligible for reduced payments? Perhaps your entire loan can be consolidated or even forgiven!

If you’re having difficulties with your student loan repayments, get in touch with expert student loan support services in Fullerton before your student loan begins impacting your credit score for the worse.

As a part of our Credit Repair Programs, at 007 Credit Agent, we help you keep your hard-earned money and ensure that your basic right to education doesn’t bleed you dry. Our student loan services include student loan consolidation to help you manage each payment easily, so you don’t miss out on any, as well as payment reduction and student loan forgiveness if you qualify for lower student loan repayment with an income-driven repayment plan.

Our student loan specialists have the necessary skills to access information on student loans so we can present you with a range of feasible options that best work for your current financial state. We can help you determine if you qualify for lower monthly payments or whether you can get an entire portion of your student loan forgiven. With the help of our student loan support services, you no longer have to worry about the sharp sword of student loans hanging over your necks, just waiting to strike down.

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The past few decades have witnessed a never-ending struggle for students aspiring for higher education in the United States. Even though the number of students opting for higher education steadily rises, the number of educational institutions stay constant. Thus, the game of demand and supply has led to skyrocketing college tuition fees and woes for students.

This onerous student loan takes a toll on the individual’s creditworthiness. The huge interest payments that are due for payment every month eat up a large amount of their monthly income. Some individuals might land up with good jobs and big salaries after college and are in a comfortable position to pay the student debt. But the ones without the much-coveted jobs are struggling to pay the loans and meet their daily expenses. They might spend their entire life working to pay off the debt without much savings. The situation is more worrisome for those who had left their education in between. Without a formal degree and job, they have nothing to help them pay the loan. In such a scenario, people start defaulting on their loans or making late payments. They face rejections when they apply for a credit card in California or bank loans. Their poor credit history hampers their credit score and weakens their financial position. 

Understanding the plight of people with hefty student loans, 007 Credit Agent offers services to combat this issue. After in-depth analysis, credit repair consultants have come up with the following strategies for student loan repayment:

  • Student Loan Consolidation – Students take federal as well as private loans to fund their college education. Loan consolidation refers to the bundling of several federal loans into a single loan. Its advantage is that it reduces the monthly interest payment and elongates the term for the loan
  • Payment Reduction – It is an income-driven plan that lowers the monthly payment individuals have to make. Considering the borrower’s monthly income makes it much easier for them to manage their debts. It also ensures they do not struggle to meet their daily expenses
  • Rehab Default Loans – 007 Credit Agent offers a Rehab Program for individuals who have defaulted on their loans. It enables them to clear and improve their credit history (remove negative items), making them eligible for loan forgiveness, consolidation, and alternate repayment plans
  • Student Loan Forgiveness – This is an option for people who are currently not in a position to pay back the loan due to no job or a low paying job

With the above services, 007 Credit Agent is there to help people with education loan payments in Fullerton in California.

Adding to our repertoire, we also provide Business credit repair services. 



Consolidate your Loans

We are able to help most borrowers reduce their monthly payment by consolidating all their federal loans.

Income-Driven Payments

There are many repayment plans based on your current income. Borrowers with lower income can reduce their payments.

Loan Rehabilitation

Did you know you can increase your credit score by rehabilitating defaulted student loans and stop government tax and wage garnishments?

Federal Loan Forgiveness

Certain professions qualify a borrower to have their federal loans forgiven.

Get Your Students Loans Back on Track

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We have the right student loan services program for you. Our industry experts years of experience and understand the current challenges with student loan repayment. Whether you need to rehab a loan or find the best repayment option, our priority is your best interest.

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