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Tips to Stay Safe from Identity Theft

Tips to Stay Safe from Identity Theft

Creditors and banks use evolved technology to keep our personal data safe, but so do scammers. 

Identity thieves can misuse your personal information to their advantage and leave your credit score in shambles.

Keep reading this blog to find out tips that will help you stay safe from identity theft.

Secure your Social Security Number

Scammers can use your social security number to hack your personal data. With your SSN in their possession, scammers can take up your identity and commit fraud in your name. This can severely damage your credit and your reputation. 

Social Security Number is the master key to your credit and bank accounts

Don’t carry your SSN card with you at all times, and shred any of your documents that might contain your SSN. 


Did you receive a call from your creditor asking you for your credit card or social security number? Our advice would be to hang up the phone right away! Avoid such calls at all costs. These ‘dubious’ callers are out to extract personal data from you so that they can use it to commit fraud. 

Even if the caller on the other end suggests that they’re your creditor or from your bank, never disclose personal information to them. Hang up the phone and then call up your bank or creditor yourself to see if they were the ones who reached out to you in the first place. 

Check Your Credit Reports

Your credit report holds information about your current credit status and your credit repayment history. Checking your credit report regularly can help alert you on any scams that are happening in your name. Moreover, it can help you look out for any misinformation in your report. 

Checking credit report can help you spot any inaccuracies.

Shred your Documents

We can’t stress enough how important your documents are.

If you have the habit of tossing documents that contain your SSN or credit card information, then think again! 

Documents with personal information should be shredded before tossing them out

Scammers can dig up your trash and then use your private data to scam and fraud. Always try to run these documents through a shredder before you toss them in the bin.

Set up Multiple Passwords

Passwords are important, period. 

From protecting your social media accounts to your bank accounts, these string of characters protect your online and real identity. Using the same password to secure your Social Media accounts and your bank accounts isn’t the best idea because scammers can easily break in and commit fraud in your name.

We suggest that you use a different set of passwords for each account. Moreover, add an authentication step to secure your identity further.

If you suspect your data has been breached and your credit score damaged, contact us at 007 Credit Agent. We ensure our clients don’t have to bear the brunt of identity theft. Our credit repair specialists will work hard to restore your credit score and your reputation.

To learn more about our credit repair service for identity theft victims, contact us today.

Thieves steal your personal information and commit identity theft

Tips to Stay Safe from Identity Theft