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Effective credit bureau disputes can transform the appearance of your credit report which is very exciting. And there is immense value in this, but many people reach the end of their credit repair program and find that although their credit report looks great, they have no credit scores or their scores are so deficient as to be useless. Many people need more than disputes.
The Right Profile

The Right Profile

When we examine your credit report, in addition to identifying all of your dispute candidates, we will identify gaps in your credit profile and opportunities to optimize your FICO scores. In order to have great FICO scores (or any other measure of credit worthiness) you need to have open active accounts that feed ongoing, monthly information to the bureaus regarding the way you manage your obligations.

Personalized FICO Score Recommendations

Based on your situation you may need to pay down balances or possibly redistribute balances amongst your accounts to optimize your score. Some small adjustments can result in major score increases. Or you may need to rebuild your credit; if this is the case we will suggest a number of secured credit cards with reasonable rates and fee structure that you can open regardless of your credit history. We will also tell you exactly how to manage these new accounts for the best and quickest score boost.

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