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$ 247
  • Fix Your Own Credit E-book
  • Remove Hard Inquiries
  • Bankruptcies
  • Late Payments
  • Collection Accounts
  • Charge-offs And More

3 Round burst

  • Aggressive Disputing Strategies
  • Up To 6 Unique Accounts
  • Monthly Updates
  • Progress Within 60 Days
  • Great Results Within 3 Rounds
  • Payment Plan Available


  • 3 Round Burst
  • Advanced Creditor Disputes
  • Regulatory Agencies Complaints
  • Credit Card Coaching
  • Business Credit Coaching
  • Discounted Tradelines

Customized Credit Repair Service

In the field of service delivery, customization improves the quality of services and takes it to the next level. In times when the number of service providers is increasing every minute, personalization is the best way for companies to garner more customers and enjoy a long-lasting relationship with them. Thus, 007 Credit Agent brings in the feature of customization in their credit repair services. 

In the journey of credit repair, one solution does not fit all customers. Although the fundamentals related to credit repair remain the same for all, the approach or strategy for credit repair varies. After analyzing a person’s credit report, credit repair experts contact their customers. The next step is to identify negative information (false or inaccurate information) on the credit reports and dispute them. However, the procedure for identifying negative information depends on a few factors.

Current practices that individuals follow for credit repair

Some people might be actively engaged in their credit repair journey. They might have consulted other credit repair companies or would have tried it on their own.

Expectations of customers

Some customers might be facing financial hardship. Thus, they have reached out to credit repair services to help them get back on their feet. On the other hand, some customers might need assistance for long-term financial planning or credit management. Thus, credit repair services would vary as per customer needs. Credit Repair Consultants in California ensure that they understand their customer’s financial position and expectations from credit repair.

The time frame for Credit Repair

All customers have a time frame in mind when they approach credit repair companies. As per their needs and expectations, credit agents can plan their services.

Managing Your Account Balances

 It is the most pivotal factor for designing credit repair services.

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