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Removing National Credit Systems from Credit Profile

A good credit profile resembles great financial history. Without an acceptable financial background, you will find it difficult to start a business, buy a property or even go along with daily life activities. Getting home or student loans will be tougher with a collection account from National Credit Systems.

So how do you achieve the standard credit profile and maintain it throughout the years to come? One of the ways to do such is to avoid missing payments for any debt you have. Why? Well as soon as you fail to repay your money, the lender or bank will report it to debt collectors. They are also known as debt agencies. They take part in the situation by paying off your debts to the original bank or money lender.

These companies such as National Credit Systems, then chase you asking for money. Many of them have data and personal information from the banks. Additionally, they have the legal right to sue you if you don’t pay them back within a specific timeframe.

What is National Credit Systems?

National Credit Systems (NCS) is one of the United State’s largest debt collection agencies. Most debt collection agencies operate very similarly. These collection agencies interact with your credit report and when they are listed there, your profile loses about 50 points! That is a lot of damage if you’re someone with a difficult financial situation.

More than a quarter of American citizens receive calls from National Credit Systems asking them for money. You may think it is a scam or something illegal, however, it isn’t. These companies have the right to contact you or anyone on your behalf as long as they have your permission. So next time you default on a debt, be ready to get a call from National Credit Systems asking you for money. If you don’t answer the calls, you are sure to get a letter sent directly to your address.

Now if the debt was relatively low, it would be easy to pay it back within a short period. However, if you owe more than a couple thousand dollars, you might be stressed about managing it. The key point is to not worry- we, 007 Credit Agent, will help you out. How? Let’s find out.

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We help you showcase your rights

Most citizens aren’t aware of their rights when it comes to credit-related matters. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) gives you the right to stop any harassment caused by National Credit Services. To be more precise, they must not call any client before eight in the morning and after nine at night. They must never call your workplace or get in touch with your relatives and friends to discuss credit-related issues. Profane language is to be abstained from during conversations. These collectors also must prove to you that they are legitimate employees from National Credit Services.

If NCS or any debt collection companies such as Covington Credit, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Jefferson Capital Systems, Sequium Asset Solutions, or ERC collections are in violation of the FDCPA, you can report them to your state’s attorney general.

Our team at 007 Credit Agent talks to these employees on your behalf. We try our best to find out ways we can use your consumer rights to your advantage.

We help you be sure of your debt

It is no surprise that large companies mess and mix up documents and data all the time. Such can happen in your case too. For example, you might get a debt notice that isn’t yours. Always make sure that the money they are asking for is actually what you owe them. It is best to send a letter asking for debt validation proof before sending them money.

Our credit repair experts have just the right questions you need to ask to get validated by the company. You are supposed to receive legal documents that briefly explain the amounts, your name, and other personal details. Make sure to double-check if any information is false or misleading as you can use these against them. Our expert team can assist you with that should you need the assistance.

Debt verification letters need to be submitted within 30 days of receiving the debt validation letter from NCS.

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We help you settle debts with these credit agencies

There’s a chance you will find an error in the documents that are sent to you as proof of debt. If you find such an error, you can file a dispute to get your credit report corrected. Our team has years of experience doing this for many previous clients. Just call us and we will explain it to you during our free consultation.

The dispute can be done either by sending an email or using online services with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. The collection agency (National Credit Systems) will then check again to look for validation. If you’re lucky and they can’t find any, the debt will be removed from your consumer reports. Your credit scores will then adjust after the removal. Do note that some collectors will try to find reasons to continue the debt collection process. Be very aware and never let them violate your consumer rights.

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