National Credit Systems

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Have you recently received endless phone calls, threats, or harassment from an agent of National Credit Systems (NCS)? Even when the money you owe is legitimate, no one has the right to harass another over an unpaid debt. If the threats from NCS have turned your life into a nightmare, you have every right to put an end to it.

However, many consumers, unaware of their rights, often resort to settling the debts with NCS. Making a settlement can be very detrimental to your credit score as it leaves a negative notation on your credit report for up to 7 years. Instead, you should seek a credit repair company to handle NCS and repair your credit report.

According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you’re eligible for a compensation of up to $1,000 plus all attorney fees for violations done by any collection agency.

National Credit Systems

What’s National Credit Systems?

National Credit Systems is an independent third-party agency that deals with the collection of debts. Founded in 1991 with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, NCS specializes in collecting debts for property managers and owners owed by consumers who’ve delayed or failed to settle their lease payments.

NCS is known for its harassment tactics and has been in federal courts more than 570 times over their distractions. Many consumers have complained about NCS failing to provide written debt verification, collecting false debts, and constant harassment and threats. 

Stopping National Credit Systems 

Are you wondering how to beat national credit systems? Don’t let their constant threats and harassments push you to settle their claims. Instead, a reputable credit repair agency can help you properly handle NCS without further damaging your credit report.

Are you worried about NCS suing you or garnishing your wages for any unpaid debts? Debt collectors are bound by law to issue threats or sue consumers. It’s therefore unlikely that NCS would take such a move over debts you don’t owe or that they can’t validate.

To stop National Credit Systems, we’ve prepared a couple of strategies you can follow to make it successful.

National Credit Systems

Don’t rush to make a settlement with National Credit Systems

Paying a debt sounds like a good thing to do. However, when your credit score is in the picture, you might want to hold on first. Making payment will leave a negative listing behind, further harming your credit score.  Ignoring debt collectors altogether won’t make them disappear magically. You need to keep on negotiating with national credit systems.

Request for account validation

When NCS approaches you over an outstanding debt, your first course of action should be to ask them to validate your account. That is, requesting them to prove that the claimed debt is legitimately yours. They should do so in writing and send the letter via certified mail. And don’t worry about them not obliging; FDCPA requires them to do so.

If everything is correct, NCS will provide evidence that you have an account with a debt to be paid, and they have the right to collect. Should they fail to verify the account’s legitimacy, you will no longer have the legal responsibility of paying the debt. National Credit Systems will request the credit bureaus to remove the negative listing on your credit report.

Check the debt time frame

If NCS does verify the account to be yours and the debt owed to be legitimate, what should be your next move? You’ll have to take a close examination of the provided documents and determine the date of the last activity recorded with your lender.

According to the statute of limitations, debt collectors must do their collections within seven years. Check with your state laws to confirm the exact time frame. By doing this, you’ll curb any attempts by NCS to re-age the debt on your account to make a collection.

Negotiate for settlement 

At this stage, you’ve determined the debt’s legitimacy and confirmed that it is within the correct legal time frame. Your next move should be to draft a National Credit Systems settlement letter. It’s best practice to negotiate for less payment than your account’s total balance.

Typically, the settlement should be about 10 to 40 percent less. A vital part of the negotiations is to agree that you’ll settle the debt, and in exchange, NCS won’t report anything to credit bureaus. However, it won’t be easy to accomplish this on your own. This is why you should find the best credit repair company to do the negotiations on your behalf.
Without making such a deal with NCS, you’ll end up with a negative listing on your credit report even after settling the debt in full.

Dispute credit report errors

As a consumer, you’re protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and can dispute any inaccurate, erroneous, or questionable information on your report. Launching a dispute yourself is not also an easy task. 007 Credit Agent is a reputable credit repair company with credit specialists who can advise you on the right approach of disputing all errors on your report and have them removed.

After filing a dispute for the collections listing, credit bureaus will investigate and validate the claim. They’ll contact NCS to verify your account. If you reached an agreement to stop reporting to credit bureaus, the latter wouldn’t be able to verify the account.

As such, the credit bureaus will remove the negative listing on your report, therefore protecting your credit score.

Through this entire process, ensure that you have a reputable credit repair agent by your side to guarantee you success in stopping National Credit Systems. 007 Credit Agent has numerous experience handling NCS consumer queries with a high success rate.