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Midland Funding LLC

Dealing With Midland Funding LLC: Everything You Need to Know

It’s possible that your current debt account has already been purchased by Midland Funding LLC. If you recently learned about them and are wondering if they are legit, you came to the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss important facts about this company and answer the most frequently asked questions.

We are also going to help you resolve the debt balances you might have with the firm. When it comes to settling with Midland Funding LLC, we will guide you on how to go about it.

It is advisable to get assistance when dealing with debt collectors like Enhanced Recovery Company and Midland Funding. This will save you from costly mistakes. This article aims to clear everything up so you won’t have any problem dealing with the debt collector.

Midland Funding LLC

What is Midland Funding LLC?

Midland Funding is a globally renowned company that buys troublesome credit card debt accounts. In simpler words, these accounts are from borrowers who failed to pay their debts.

Some of the biggest names in the financial industry that work with Midland Funding LLC are Citibank and Capital One. They sell their accounts to the firm in hopes of getting rid of these pesky issues.

Encore Capital Group owns Midland Funding, which is situated in San Diego, California. Be careful not to confuse them with Encore Receivables Management. This is a different collection agency that is often related to Midland Funding LLC. Encore Capital Group, the company that owns Midland Funding, is the largest purchaser of public debts in the country.

How does Midland Funding LLC collect debts?

Midland Funding is a company that buys debt. But there is a specific department in the company that handles this function, Midland Credit Management. They are also known as MCM.

The first thing that happens is that the company first sends out an initial notice to the debtor. This usually signals that Midland Funding LLC is now the new owner of the account. It will also satisfy and comply with the legal disclosures as well as provide payment instructions.

What to do if sued by Midland Funding LLC?

Midland Funding LLC has several partnerships including one with Midland Credit Management. This means that you can get a complaint or lawsuit from Midland Credit Management instead of Midland Funding.

Whichever the case is, the best first thing to do here is to contact a professional law firm that specializes in debt collection dispute resolution. This will give you a better understanding for the needed course of action.

Disputing collections with Midland Funding

With professional assistance from debt resolution firms, you can lower the payable balance by a huge margin. Some even reach up to 50 or even 60 percent lower. This means that they pay Midland Funding LLC less for their outstanding debts.

If Midland Funding is already threatening you, take it calmly and discuss the issue with your lawyer. 

Ensuring collection disputes are successful

Disputing the collection amount is not easy, but you can increase your chances of success if you follow due process. 

One way to achieve successful collection disputes is by working with reputable credit repair firms like 007 Credit Agent. They are a San Diego credit repair and Los Angeles credit repair based company serving consumers in California. 

It’s going to be at a cost, but you will spend less to make the collection go away. Also, it’s worth noting that a credit repair company can save you from constant harassment by debt collectors. If you’ve had enough with Midland Funding Collection or Portfolio Recovery Associates, contact 007 Credit Agent for assistance.

Best Ways to Negotiate a Midland Funding Collection


Consider debt validation.

Before bringing up negotiation, you need to request the collector to validate the debt. Debt validation is also known as disputing the debt.

Your consumer rights are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. As such, the collector must respond when you make a debt validation request. If they’re unable to verify the account, then you’ll walk away without paying a dime. 

Also, the debt buyer will stop their aggressive stance if they are unable to prove that the debt is yours. This strategy is effective in eliminating the entire debt amount at once, especially if it’s a large outstanding balance.


Write to the company

If after the debt validation request, it’s proven that the debt is legitimately yours, you need to negotiate a settlement. Write a formal letter to Midland Funding LLC, highlighting the details about the debt with your proposed repayment plan.

Always propose a repayment plan that can span a long time so it doesn’t affect your finances too much. Take note, repayment negotiations should never be done over the phone. That’s because you won’t have any proof of the pay-for-delete agreement should you finish your repayment. That gives the debt collector an opportunity to dishonor the agreement without consequences. This should always apply when dealing with any debt collector, such as Enhanced Recovery Company or any other. 

Write an email or letter via mail to Midland Credit Management and discuss an arrangement. Propose to pay the debt on a long-term installment basis.

Note that arrangements, where you need to repay the balance in full, can still be negotiated to installments. This can be done in one year, two years, or even two and a half year terms.

What’s more, is that this can be done with zero interest so you don’t end up paying more. All the payments are directed to lowering down your balance. Also, no associated fees add up to your balance during the time when the original creditor sold your collection account. In this case, Midland Funding LLC being the buyer.

However, this does not guarantee that the collection amount will be removed from the credit report. But if all communications were written, then you have proof to further follow up legally until the matter is resolved. 


Settle amounts based on collection status

Recently acquired collections often have the simplest and easiest settlement process. This is different for accounts that have already been stamped with the pre-legal status. That is collection accounts which Midland Funding LLC has forwarded to their legal department to seek a settlement. The accounts that are with a collection law firm are much harder to deal with. That is why it’s better if you settle the amount before it gets there. In essence, it is important that you create a strategy that will work in your favor.

Also, don’t expect your standing balance to be lower simply because the firm bought it for a small amount. Companies such as Midland Funding LLC always increase the debt amount to reap big profits since that’s their business model.


Always try your best to settle your debt accounts before they’re bought by collection firms like Midland Funding LLC. If it’s already under the collection company, you can negotiate a lower repayment before agreeing to settle the debt. 

The best way to achieve this is by working with a credit repair company specializing in debt payments. A San Diego credit repair and Los Angeles credit repair firm in California can help you ease the process. 007 Credit Agent serves both cities in CA to help credit consumers build a credit worthy profile.

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