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Identity IQ is the perfect modern-day tool developed to protect you from data theft while safeguarding your private information. At 007 Credit Agent, we consider it as one of the finest identity protection and credit monitoring solutions.

Identity thieves are perpetually on the lookout for new ways to steal data. Changes and modifications in technology make it easier for them to try new approaches. Therefore, it is important to realize that your private information is vulnerable to cyber-attacks constantly. Most victims do not even find out about the theft immediately. Identity IQ help many individuals controls the situation before any damage is done.

What’s more? The registration process is extremely simple. The user interface makes it very easy for you to read all three major credit reports. Our partnership with Identity IQ can help you save money on credit monitoring services. You can access the benefits here:


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How Does Identity IQ Work?

This credit monitoring service features a data protection plan that is designed to monitor several records daily. As a member, our name is in their search database. We are integrated into all of their data protection tools. The service will check all records containing your name and identify any suspicious activity. You will also receive a notification of any unwanted activity.

Identity IQ is one of the few data theft protection services that performs service checks on credit monitoring services as well as the dark web.

Using our partnership link above, you can save on these invaluable services. This discount is applied across the board to all plans. Depending on your requirement, we can help you decide between the different service plans offered. With our member benefits, you can avail these benefits for as little as $21.99 per month.

Salient Features

  • Family protection coverage plans
  • Data theft insurance is included with every plan
  • Ability to track Social Security number
  • ID theft protection
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Regular checks of account reports
  • Recovery assistance in case of lost wallets
  • File sharing activity reports
  • DNC opt-in and junk email opt-out
  • The local customer service team

With higher grade plans you can get additional features like credit score reports from the different bureaus, credit score simulators, identity fraud restoration, notification for change of address, notification for any criminal activity conducted under your name and more. If you complete the Identity IQ registration, then the next time a suspicious purchase is made in your name, you will be promptly notified.

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Why Use Identity IQ?

We recommend that you get an Identity IQ account immediately. This monitoring service will help us move along faster during the credit repair process. Many times the credit bureaus may not provide notification via mail of the dispute results. Identity IQ enables our dispute team to review your credit report changes every 30 days. Additionally, all three major credit reports are located in one centralized platform.

Secondly, with our partnership this monitoring service is the most economical provider that grants you access to all three updated credit reports. 

Thirdly, you receive a $1 million insurance cover for identity theft recovery. This benefit is consistent with all of the plans. Most other products only offer such coverage when you sign up with their higher plans.

Fourthly, your family gets covered without any additional cost.

In other words, with Identity IQ you receive benefits that go over and above the standard identity theft protection. However, Identity IQ’s most attractive feature is its reliable customer service department. The services are provided entirely out of their US-based service centers.

Is Identity IQ the Right Fit For Your Needs?

A standard credit monitoring service only paints a picture of your existing financial status. Identity IQ, on the other hand, provides comprehensive identity theft protection along with a customer friendly credit monitoring service. The added protection results in reassurance and a peace of mind.

Identity IQ is perfect for protecting your identity, credit card information, and banking information from identity thieves. The application’s core design is developed to ensure that you feel safe regarding your identity since your information remains private. You can stay one step ahead of any suspicious behavior. We can help you prevent such unforeseen events.

In short, Identity IQ takes preventive measures and ensure that you are protected at all times. Our credit repair experts utilize this platform to expedite your credit restoration process. If your goal is to boost your credit scores then Identity IQ is a must. 

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007 Credit Agent - Your Trusted Identity IQ partner

This solution comes with several years of experience and offers services that are practical and essential. These help you handle data theft and fraud while protecting your identity. These comprehensive services are trusted by many customers across the country.

With Identity IQ’s credit monitoring services you can keep a track of your credit score and find out if anyone is using your credit. Such personal data tracking helps deliver an all-around identity protection service.

Knowing that your personal data is safe and with a trusted partner can remove the constant worry from your mind. At 007 Credit Agent, we help you implement such preventive protection measures and work to repair any damaged credit so you can start living the life you deserve.