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How To Remove Hard Inquiries

How To Remove Hard Inquiries From Credit Reports?

How to remove hard inquiries from the credit reports is not difficult when you have the right resources. Like this one. Credit reports with so many hard inquiries will hurt and affect your credit score. Yet, you can request for the removal of such hard inquiries, usually when they are inaccurate. This article discusses hard inquiries and how you can dispute them.

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Hard Inquiry

Removing or deleting hard inquiries on the person’s credit report means disputing with credit reporting agencies. Possibly, you will also need to speak with the creditor where the inquiry came from. Typically, you may not be able to remove hard inquiries. However, if the inquiries are on your credit report as a result of identity theft, then it is much easier to remove them.

What Is A Hard Inquiry?

Hard inquiries appear when the individual applies for new lines of credit. It includes loans or credit cards. It refers to the occurrence when the credit is requested to look at the credit file to determine the risk. Such risk pertains to what you pose as the borrower. Credit reports feature these hard inquiries. They affect your credit score more heavily when they are more recent and a lot of them.

Should You Remove Hard Inquiries?

Now that we understand when hard inquiries occur, the next question to answer is whether you should remove them. Hard inquiries get automatically deleted after 2 years. Why should they be removed sooner?

The idea of removing these hard inquiries from the credit report in order to increase your credit score sounds appealing. However, according to the experts, disputing hard inquiries will be negligible when looking at your scores.

What you can dispute are those that are the results of fraud. It happens when identity thieves use your Social Security information, plus others, to open accounts under your name.

For many, hard inquiries may decrease your credit rating. Yet, you should know that new lenders will never decline your credit application because of this. It takes two years before hard inquiries fade, but they have impacts on credit scores.

If you carry many hard inquiries on your credit reports from the previous years, new inquiries will make it difficult to get approval. It pertains to credit cards or loans.

How To Remove Hard Inquiries?

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA, credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — to inform their clients, you, when creditors provide the hard inquiry. Otherwise known as the “hard pull,” business entities can also pull them up in the credit report. They note the client on the inquiry in your credit file.

Here is how you can remove hard inquiries.

Reviewing The Credit Reports

Reviewing The Credit Reports

Get used to reviewing your credit report from the major credit bureaus. Unless you flag the information, credit bureaus may not know the incorrect information.

To have a look at the hard inquiries, look for sections that include credit inquiries, hard inquiries, regular inquiries, and those requests others viewed. You can also find an area for soft inquiries. Label them with requests you only can view. Unlike hard inquiries, the latter will not affect credit scores.

Looking For Inaccurate Or Unauthorized Hard Inquiries

Everyone can request for the removal of hard inquiries from credit reports provided they adhere to the following. The client did not apply for new credit accounts. Or they did not authorize the inquiry.

If you applied for your credit account or did authorize the hard inquiry, there is no way you can remove it from the reports. It will remain on the report as accurate representations of the credit history. In these cases, it will fade off after two years or so.

What Should You Do When They Are Warranted?

They Are Warranted

Credit bureaus will investigate when you dispute errors, including hard inquiries that are unauthorized. They will also be required to correct inaccurate details.

What you can do is file disputes with the major credit bureaus. Write them a letter. Later, you can see a sample dispute letter you can adapt. There are also online tools that make filing disputes easier. Mail your dispute. There are sample letters that will help draft the dispute more efficiently.

Once the credit bureau investigates and finds the inquiry not authorized, the
inquiry will be removed from the corresponding report.

Sample Dispute Letter To Remove Hard Inquiries

Filing a dispute letter can help remove the hard inquiries.

Here is a sample dispute letter:

(Mail the letter to the credit bureaus through certified mail. Enclose copies of each: SSN card, identification issued by the state, and latest utility bill).

To whom this May concern: 
Following Section 611 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I am writing this letter to challenge the questionable details I found on my credit report. I would like to request an investigation of the sources of such inquiries. I also would request to know whether the credit has a useful purpose. Furthermore, whether they can verify my personal details, including my full name, location, birth date, and SNN. 
If the investigation says valid inquiries, I would like to request for the verification method. Included here is the request for the contact information of the verification source.
I am hoping the investigation will be completed in 30 days. 

Respectfully yours, 

Taking Action To Remove Hard Inquiries

Taking action is very crucial. If the results are not satisfactory for you, contact professional companies, including our credit repair offers. We will deal with what you need on your behalf.

Such companies will help clients understand the action to take, helping you to succeed in the process. We wish you all the best.