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How to Get A Business Credit Card

Every small business owner wants to know how to get a business credit card to afford every financial concern. It’s fast and easy to get, which gives business owners something to rely on when things get tough financially.

Based on a survey, 46% of 500 small business owners with a total sales or annual revenue below $1 million use business cards. The everyday expenses of these small businesses that use them are:

  • business-related travel
  • equipment and product costs
  • gas for business vehicles
  • office supplies
  • phone and internet charges

And a whole lot more.

Every time a business needs to spend on this stuff, it’s more advantageous to use a business credit card. Most of these cards have low interest rates, significant rewards, and perks packages. It can have a greater return in the long run once the points earned get redeemed. Thus, not only small business owners can benefit from them but also freelancers and solo entrepreneurs.

Steps on How to Get A Business Credit Card

You need to follow only four steps to know how to get a business credit card.

Benefits of Owning a Business Credit Card

The sole purpose of applying for a business credit card and owning one is to help operate the business. After learning how to get a business credit card, here are the benefits you can receive:

Build Credit

New or small businesses can get higher approval odds if they have already established credit history. That’s why it’s beneficial for small companies to get one, use it regularly, and pay it on time. In this way, they can start to build a credit rating and grow it over time. It’s a great start, especially for those planning to get long-term loans in the future.

Sign-up bonus or Rewards

Every time you apply for a credit card, you can receive a sign-up or welcome bonus. But it depends on which card or the bank you choose to apply at. For small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, rewards like this help the business operate well.

Redeem the Rewards

The rewards you receive with every purchase can help you use them on other expenses needed for the business. You can use the points at hotels, gas stations, restaurants, airlines, cell phone providers, and other establishments.

Tax Deductions

It’s possible to deduct the expenses you purchase using your business credit card from your tax. However, it’s better to seek a tax expert or an accountant on this matter so they can guide you appropriately.

Secure the Business Financially

Having a business card can help you secure the business financially. Business credit cards are the best solution to cover some operational expenses. You can also use it if the business encounters some emergencies or difficulties. With all these benefits, you can see how these credit cards can help grow your business in the future.

Get A Higher Chance of Business Credit Card Approval

Now that you know how to get a business credit card, you are probably planning to get one now. As mentioned, your credit score plays a big part in the approval or denial for your application. If you need help fixing your credit score, you can contact 007 Credit Agent. We will help you in any way we can to get you approved for a business credit card. With healthy credit, you can grow your business successfully.