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Removing GC Services from your credit profile 

A well-rounded financial statement and credit profile will take you a long way in life. These credit reports are used by banks when they give out a loan. Any company you are involved with such as GC Services and even the government can access your credit information.

Thus, they may contact you for any suspicious activity or large transactions made on your account that exceed your credit amount. Almost half the population are facing financial difficulties, and without the proper knowledge, they don’t know how to overcome them. Not only does this financial crisis affect the whole economy, but it can destroy people’s lives if not handled correctly.

If you are one of these citizens, do not panic as we, 007 Credit Agent, are here to help. One of the ways we do that is by removing collection accounts from GC Services from your credit profile. Now, who is GC Services, and how does removing them help you improve your credit reports? Let’s look at it below. 

What is GC Services?

GC Services is one of the largest companies located in Houston, Texas that works as a debt agency. In other words, they look for people who haven’t been able to repay their loans or other debts. These debts are mostly taken from money lenders, banks, or other institutions. These companies then repay the bank on your behalf without your consent. They take your details from the bank and issue letters asking you to repay them. Sometimes you have to repay the money with late fees or within a shortened time limit. Otherwise, they have the legal right to sue you.

Other debt agencies include Covington Credit, National Credit Systems, Jefferson Capital Systems, Sequium Asset Solutions, and ERC collections.

If you get a letter from GC Services, they will ask you to pay the outstanding balance that you owe. However, even if you pay the amount, it will still reflect on your credit profile and affect your credit score. As a result, your credit profile now shows that you had a bad reputation with your previous lenders and bank. In the future, with such a negative history, you might be limited on what you can do. You might not be able to borrow money, start a business that requires high finances or open a bank account. Even if you can, you will be paying higher interest rates and have additional legal responsibilities and requirements to fulfill.

To prevent this from happening, we will help you remove GC Services from your credit report and improve your score.

We Help Remove GC Services

Now that you are aware how GC Services can harm your future financial plans, let’s discuss how 007 Credit Agent can help you.

We Help Remove GC Services


We focus on your rights

Debt collectors like GC services mainly earn their income by using certain tricks to get the money from you. We, 007 Credit Agent, have questioned their methods. As a result of that, our experienced professionals have figured out ways in which they violate user rights. One example of this is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Debt collectors are required to abstain from persecution and misleading information to coerce users to pay back the money. 

Our experts can always support you in situations where the GC Services employees become aggressive and unmanageable. If you are being harassed or addressed inappropriately, you have the right to report the debt collection company. If your family or relatives are getting called on your behalf, that is another violation as well. 


We help you with getting a goodwill deletion from GC Services

A goodwill deletion is when the company decides to remove its collection account from your profile. This is usually done after you have made all the remaining payments on time. This is not a necessity for them to do but a good relationship with them will go a long way.

In fact with us, 007 Credit Agent, we can guarantee you a service that will help you meet deadlines. We’ve worked with many debt collectors, so we know how they operate. We will guide you on how you can write a goodwill deletion letter. In this way, the collections agency will see your sincerity in the letter and favor you with the deletion. We will also help you in attaching supporting documents to prove your claim. If you need more help with this process, our consultation team can answer all your questions.


We guide in requesting debt validation from GC Services

Sometimes debt collectors may have misleading information about you. For example, the data they have about your debt might not exactly be yours. With so many clients, companies often make errors in copying down addresses or telephone information. As a result, you need to validate and ask for proof that this is your debt and nobody else’s. Identity theft is increasing day by day, so there’s nothing to be afraid of when questioning the company for proof. 

To make such a request, you will need a debt validation letter which our team can write for you. You must respond within 30 days of when the debt collector first contacts you or they may reject your request for proof. Therefore, it is essential to be punctual in these cases. Once they receive your letter, they are expected to provide certain documents. It is our job to check them for you so that no detail is inaccurate or false. 

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