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Extra Services

There are a number of additional credit repair services we provide at no extra charge to help you reach your credit goals. These are targeted, special use tools that we may employ if appropriate for your situation.

Debt Validation

If you receive a collection letter, you have the right, within 30 days of receipt, to ask the collector to validate the debt by providing proof of their right to collect and an accounting of the amount owned. Debt validation should be considered if you plan to pay a debt, or if you believe the debt is not yours.

Debt validation should be approached with caution; if the debt is accurate your validation attempt may trigger new and aggressive collection efforts. We use this tool only as appropriate and only after communicating with you.

Goodwill Letters

A goodwill letter is an appeal to a creditor to remove an accurate derogatory event from your credit history. It is not a dispute, and is not used for derogatory events being disputed with the credit bureaus.

Goodwill letters are best used on isolated late payments that are more than 6 months old and are followed by at least 6 months of perfect payment history.

Cease & Desist Letters

A Cease and Desist letter, also known as a Cease Communication letter, is a formal notification to a debt collector to cease all communication with you.

This tool should be deployed with caution as it leaves the collector with no remedy other than a lawsuit. Before implementing we will research the statute of limitation for the debt, validate the debt if possible, and advise you of your options.

Debt Settlement/Negotiation Consultations

If you wish to pay a collection, it may be possible to negotiate the payoff. We are always happy to discuss strategy with you, review the statute of limitation on the debt, and determine if validating the debt prior to making an offer would be prudent.

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