Domino Effect in the Credit Industry and its Cure

Domino Effect in the Credit Industry and its Cure

What is a Domino Effect and how it influences human lives?

Domino effect is a chain reaction where the outcome of one event impacts the outcomes of other subsequent events. Sometimes, an extreme form of domino effect is also termed as Butterfly Effect where a small butterfly-sized event tremendously impacts all other events. Domino effect can impact human lives in every stage of life. A person murders at some stage and his entire life is that of a convict. A student secured admission in a top rank college and his entire career keeps bestowing upon him lucrative opportunities. A couple gets divorced and the life of the entire family changes accordingly. The outcomes further impact the lives of people associated with them and the chain reaction goes on. The interesting part of the Domino Effect is that people cannot predict how a certain action taken by them will influence their future. In ignorance of their actions, they inadvertently commit mistakes for which they have to pay heavily in the future. 

How does the domino effect impact the credit profile of a person?

As in every aspect of human lives, the effect of chain reaction is similar in the credit profile of an individual. In the present age when life moves at the fastest pace, people need resources to finance their decisions. A student seeks credit to meet education expenses, a businessman needs a credit line to finance daily expenditures, and a serviceman needs a car loan or a house loan to make his life convenient, a bachelor needs a credit card to party every Saturday and the list goes on.

However, with every penny borrowed comes an obligation to repay within a stipulated period. However it sounds surprising, but various financial institutions maintained a detailed record of how timely a person is repaying a loan. According to the transactions made, a certain credit score is assigned to every individual. This credit score becomes helpful for all those creditors whom that person might approach in the future to seek loans. Creditors can determine how trustworthy the borrower is and what is the probability that he will repay the money on time.

With this system in the background, even an inadvertently late credit card payment can deny loans that a person might seek in the future. This is exactly where the chain reaction starts. A late payment results in a loan denial and the loan denial further results in an additional derogatory entry in the credit profile. This process goes on to spoil the credit profile of an individual. A low credit score can be frustrating in today’s world and the only way out of it is to be extra careful in keeping everything spotless or to correct the tarnished history. 

How does the domino effect in credit lines impact businesses?

Similarly, as it impacts the lives of individuals, a bad credit score affects businesses. The impact can be disastrous in the life of a businessman because there are multiple stakeholders. Just like a person has a credit score assigned, every large and small business has a business credit score assigned to it. This score determines how much trust can be put in business while lending money. In some cases, it also determines the rate of interest levied by the bank. If the credit score is good then the interest rate is less but if the score is poor the interest rate may be higher. The sad news is that 72% of the business owners don’t know exactly how to evaluate their business score. This leads them to make mistakes in unchartered waters and eventually face denial from lenders and debtors against a loan application at some point or another in their business career.

Without loans, big business simply cannot sustain itself. A business needs a continuous credit line to deal with suppliers, vendors, and to meet expenses of day to day activities. Companies also need huge amounts of loans to launch new products or to conduct Research and Development and to implement various marketing strategies. In the 21st century, organizations have also started taking loans to sustain in the neck-to-neck competition by adopting new technologies like Digital Transformation, AI, Omni Channel, etc. All these areas are essential for the continued success of a business. A denied loan can affect one or all of these areas and prove catastrophic for a business. If a business gets impacted, the domino effect can be unusually large taking down livelihoods of employees, owners, customers, vendors, clients, etc.

However, it is interesting to notice that a missed or delayed repayment is not the only factor that impacts the credit profile of the business as in the case of individuals. When it comes to businesses, several levers are working at the same time to impact a business credit score. Even if a business fails to register itself properly or fails to get the desired licenses, the business credit profile gets impacted poorly. Businesses also need to ensure that all their fillings are congruent with state and federal filings. Even if the business is successful in keeping doing everything right, associated vendors and suppliers can impact their business credit profile. When vendors fail to report payment history with the business bureaus a derogatory entry is produced in the business’s credit profile. Owing to these multiple factors, the world’s most successful CEOs and MDs take special care to maintain a respectable business credit score so that they don’t get to realize their darkest nightmare.

A bad credit profile especially impacts entrepreneurs who need loans now and then to either set up or expand their ventures. This is a cohort that is responsible for all the innovative initiatives that have taken place in a nation and it contributes heavily to the economy of the country. A denied loan to an entrepreneur doesn’t only impact his/ her venture but also produces huge losses to a country’s economy. Again, both with entrepreneurs and businessmen, there are only two choices- either to be overly scrupulous in all their dealings or to find a way to alter history.

How do students suffer from the problem of poor credit profiles?

Education is the US has always been far from affordable but in the 21st century, students have started to come over this problem and opt for student loans to secure their future and follow their dreams. Some students can secure lucrative positions in big corporates, and they don’t face any problem with a student loan. But the students who land in substandard jobs find it difficult to pay their student loan EMIs on time and end up crippling their credit profiles. Repayment of student loans on time is of utmost importance as it constitutes 35% of the portion of your credit profile. Hence, people with student loans should also be very careful in maintaining an impeccable credit profile to avoid any loan denial in the future.

How can individuals or business entries alter or change their credit history and who becomes their hero in the tough times?

History cannot be changed and for many decades people couldn’t do much when their credit profiles got spoiled. However, with the advent of technology and innovation, several credit repair agents and consultants have emerged all over the globe who help people with their credit profiles. They have the flair for the credit profiling system and with their expertise, they can conceal historical derogatory entries from the credit profiles to such an extent that they don’t remain relevant anymore. What they do is magic and when the risks of odds are high, one should not shy away from taking professional help. 

Who are 007 Credit Repair Consultants?

They are a bunch of credit repair consultants who have been helping students, entrepreneurs, and businessmen with their credit profiles since 2015. They also provide some auxiliary services to help their clients with things like debt validation requests, goodwill letters for late-payments, and cease and desist letters. They have always put the customers above all and their diligence and hard work have resulted in several customer satisfaction testimonies that can be seen on their website. Their best in class support service ensures stress-free experience unequalled in the industry. Just for the sake of an example, a testimony is included in this article and it can be seen below: 

“Do not spend your time trying to get your credit reports fixed. Just go through the 007 Credit Agent. It has been less than 2 weeks and the things I needed to be done are already taken care of! Thank you, thank you, thank you”


Most of the customers have seen their credit rating improvement within 90 days opting for 007 Credit Agent services but the exact timeframe can be more than 90 days in case of complex credit profile cases. Nonetheless, 007 Credit Agent provides its clients with 90 days money-back guarantee in case consumers don’t feel satiated with their services. This very aspect makes them a leader in the US when it comes to credit score repairing. 

How does 007 Credit Agent achieve what they claim? How is the credit profile of a business improved by 007 Credit Agent consultants?

At 007 Credit Agent, they have dedicated teams for students and businessmen. 

Students who are facing problems in paying their student loan EMIs on time can contact 007 Credit Agent to take professional help to easily manage payments. 007 Credit Agent can also assure them a reduction in interest repayment and forgive an amount that they qualify with an income-driven plan. They can also help students with the information on whether they qualify for a lower interest rate student loan or not. With their expert services, they ensure that students no more suffer from the sword of federal student loans anymore.

With businessmen and entrepreneurs, their approach is a bit advanced. 

The first step here is to make ensure that a business is set up properly with congruent filings and registered under the right name. Choosing the right business name is important as some names can get an automatic denial. They make sure that your business has a website and an address. They also ensure that your business is open, active, and in good standing. 

The second step is to make a business activated with three major business creditors. For any business, Dun & Bradstreet, Business Equifax, and Business Experian, credit score reports need to be active. Dun & Bradstreet is the world’s leading source of commercial information. Many suppliers, lenders, and leasing companies share and pull business credit reports from Dun & Bradstreet to assess the creditworthiness of businesses. 

The third step is to establish business credits of the vendors and suppliers with business bureaus. 007 Credit Agent setups 30 vendor accounts with business bureaus that will make the business ready to get store and fleet credit.  

Step 2 and 3 give a credit profile and establish a credit score with the three top business bureaus. Once all of this is done, business starts getting a good credit score. 

During the final step, business credit builders of 007 Credit Agent help to obtain credit with places like Amazon, Walmart, Dell, Apple, Costco, Sears, BP, Chevron, Sprint, and most other major retailers with individual credit limits of $10,000-$50,000. They also help businesses in securing credit with fleet services and auto vehicle services.

007 Credit Agent helps businesses through the entire business credit building process for obtaining initial vendor accounts to start building business credit, obtaining high-limit store and fleet credit cards, getting approval for cash credit, and auto vehicle financing, all of which require no personal credit check or personal guarantee. 

This is a kind of magic that 007 Credit Agent does to poor credit profiles and help businesses as well as employees with student loans to accomplish their dreams without any kind of impediment.

How can one contact 007 Credit Agent and how can one obtain their services?

007 credit repair agents have an online presence on where their services can be browsed through and all the necessary information can be gained. To learn about their services, one can, write them at or call them at +1 949 258 7026. Apart from this, they also have their presence on all social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. One just needs to give them a shout and they are ready to put their best in solving their client’s problems.

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Domino Effect in the Credit Industry and its Cure