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Debt Validation Requests for Collectors

Have you ever been approached by a debt collector about a debt that you were not sure was yours? Or maybe you weren’t sure that the collector was entitled to recover the debt? You have the ability to demand proof with a debt validation request. 

What is a debt validation request

What is a debt validation request?

A federal law governing third-party debt collectors, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), allows you to ask the debt collector to submit evidence of the debt. This is called debt validation.

A consumer can use a debt validation request to receive written verification of a debt from a debt collector or to challenge the debt collector. It protects consumers from unscrupulous debt collection practices. It ensures they pay for only those debts which they are legally liable for.

Why should you Request Validation before Paying?

When a debt as yours and you need to pay it off to get a loan application approved, you should pay the collection. There are reasons, however, when to exercise your right for a debt validation.

Check whether the debt is yours

Debt collectors send bills or make calls for fake debts. Do not presume that a debt collection bill simply means you owe. The letter may seem legitimate, but it is easy for anyone to obtain enough information about people in this digital age to create a fake debt collection letter.

Confirm that you have not paid

What if the debt has already been paid? You might not remember owing the creditor on the notice of collection. In addition, you might recall paying the debt. Ask for evidence to be certain. This is your right.

Force the collection agency to prove that the debt is genuine

Debt collectors often recreate old debts to make some money. There is a good chance with old loans that the collector does not have enough documentation proving you owe it. Are you really going to give money to someone who claims you owe it but cannot prove it? Of course not.

Make sure the collector is allowed to collect the debt

Even if you owe the debt, how do you know that the creditor actually hired the debt collector on their behalf to collect the debt? What if you compensated the collector, only to have the creditor or some other collector come at you because the collector you paid was never employed in the first place? A debt confirmation letter ensures you pay for the correct debt to the right business.

Debt Validation Request Services

We will help you in writing debt validation requests to challenge a debt or receive written verification of a debt from a debt collector. Our credit agent will analyze the case and write the best letter for you with negligible chance of it getting rejected. People sometimes try writing letters by themselves, but they are unable to resolve their problem. It is always advisable to get guidance from credit specialists. We have helped many clients in writing debt validation requests, and we can help you as well. Follow three simple steps- Pick-up phone, call at (949) 771-9024 and get free 15 minutes consultation with a credit repair agent to initiate the process.
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