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Top Five Best Credit Repair Software For 2021

Credit problems can cost your financial capabilities to a greater extent if left unchecked. You can quickly repair your credit using the many credit repair service agencies flooding the market. But if you’re the DIY type of guy, you can benefit a lot from credit repair software.  

Credit issues can arise from several factors, including typos, identity theft, incorrect reporting, or data breaches. With a busy schedule, doing diligent credit repair on your own can be daunting. But a reliable credit repair software will give you the power to handle most if not all of your credit issues.  What’s more, the software can also correct mistakes on business credit reports.

Top Five Best Credit Repair Software For 2021

How Does The Credit Repair Software Operate?

These applications have access to the three major credit bureaus; Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. They’ll access your credit reports from these bureaus. Then analyze the data and guide you on creating, tracking, and managing your dispute letters.

The software can reduce the time required to navigate the hindrances, jargon, and other challenges in financial systems. Let’s review some of the best credit repair software for fixing your individual or business credit reports.

Top Five Credit Repair Software

These applications are rated based on ease of use, accuracy, repair insights, and cost. They’re among the software that have positive user feedback when it comes to helping consumers repair their credit reports.

Personal Credit Builder

Personal Credit Repair Software is the company that builds and maintains the Personal Credit Builder. It claims that the software can provide admirable results within 30 days. It can point even the most novice users in the right direction to repair their credit. 

The creator of this application lists several things that it can achieve. These include removing late payments, bankruptcy, collections, tax liens, charge-offs, judgments, and foreclosures. 

Personal Credit Builder can also assist you lower bill payments, loans, and credit cards on your credit report. It achieves this by suggesting lenders who charge lower rates according to your credit score improvement.  

This software will obtain data from the three credit bureaus since not all lenders report to all of them. Doing this is essential since delinquency may not appear in all three credit bureau reports. It’s reasonably priced, from as low as $199.97 to $400, depending on the package selected.


TurnScor will serve you well if you need a credit repair strategy that will gradually improve your score. Once signed in, this credit repair software will analyze your credit profile to identify negative items. After that, it’ll generate dispute letters for each identified issue. But you’ll have to send the letters to respective creditors personally. 

The creditors have the mandate to respond to the letters accordingly. They’ll give relevant details to disapprove or confirm that the liabilities listed are legitimately yours. Any negative element that doesn’t relate to you must also be cleared from your report. 

After receiving a response, TurnScor will analyze updated reports to ascertain that previously identified issues are addressed appropriately. The software will also compile and summarise your credit data in a grid to make it easier to track progress. TurnScor gives a 60-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t meet your performance expectations.

Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Repair Cloud, formerly known as Credit-Aid, is an excellent credit repair software for those skilled in doing credit repair. It’s also an ideal option if you’re considering offering credit repair services on a lower scale. 

It’s mainly ideal for experienced individuals who deal with credit repair daily. Credit Repair Cloud allows you to set up business modules to create your service fee packages for services rendered. It makes it easier to add clients, export and import credit reports, and generate audits. It also produces dispute letters for individual clients, making your work easier.

Credit Repair Cloud provides every client’s information in an organized manner in the dashboard. It also includes plenty of features to automate recurrent processes, such as monthly fees for onboarded clients. It costs from as low as $179 per month and can go up to $599, depending on your usage.

Credit Detailer

This credit repair software trades as the most straightforward application for doing credit repair among Americans for about 15 years. It operates like Credit Repair Cloud. It allows you to do personal credit repair and run credit repair for others as a business.

The personal package allows credit repair for only two people but offers unlimited credit line items and printing. The software has automated operations after importing credit reports. Credit Detailer can auto-generate dispute letters, automatically track and report credit repair progress. It will also provide lots of insight on what it’s doing at any stage to improve your score. 

It’s ideal for correcting errors and mistakes on your credit report but won’t remove any legitimate negative information. A lifetime license for the personal edition costs $399, while the professional version costs $999.99 annually.

The Credit Coach

If you often face difficulties with credit repair and need assistance, Credit Coach is your ideal choice. It provides live support to guide consumers facing challenges with their credit repair process. It makes it easier to contact the support team directly via phone at any instance to get quick assistance.   

The software offers a free credit report analysis and suggests the best approach to repair your credit. It does this while highlighting issues that can raise any legal implications and how to avoid them. It’s ideal for those looking to increase their scores to qualify for a better mortgage. 

Credit Coach interacts with mortgage firms, lenders, and auto dealers to provide consumers with the best loan rates. In terms of credit repair, the software can help remove most negative elements from your report. These include late payments, collections, outdated data, bankruptcies, charge-offs, repossessions, and tax liens. Additionally, it can offer guidance on dealing with identity theft and ChexSystems reports. 

Due to the live support factor, Credit Coach stands as one of the most expensive credit repair software. The one-person package goes for $299. Payments are monthly, but annual plans are also available.

Should You Use Credit Repair Software?

If you have the guts to do credit repair yourself, using software is the best approach.  Credit repair software reduces time in identifying errors or delinquencies from the three credit bureaus’ reports. It will also generate dispute letters for you which you can send to the bureaus. Plus, they automate most of the processes, making it easier to track progress on your credit score growth. 

However, if you aren’t familiar with credit repair software, you can seek assistance from credit repair service providers.  A renowned agency such as 007 Credit Agent has skilled experts on various aspects of credit repair. They can help you repair your credit promptly.

Are you ready to start your credit repair journey with a credit expert? A 007 Credit Agent expert is waiting, book a free consultation below.