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Are you facing continuous loan rejections from banks? Why is it that you are charged with a high-interest rate for credit cards? Have you lost a crucial job opportunity because your employer looked at your credit report? The problem seems complex and you realize it all revolves around poor credit. However, despite knowing the reason behind your problems, are you faltering to find a solution to it? Are you looking for reputable credit repair in Irvine to help improve your credit position?

Well, you need not look further. 007 Credit Agent is here for you. With a diverse clientele in Irvine and other cities of California, we know what our customers look for in their credit journey. We also understand that all clients are not the same, and we need a different strategy to suit everyone’s needs.

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Credit Repair in Irvine Features

Credit Report Analysis

Monthly reporting

Although we function remotely, we believe in keeping our clients in loop about the various activities on their credit report. For this, we provide monthly reports to the clients.

Money back guarantee

We work diligently and around the clock to make a positive impact on your credit profile. However, we guarantee your money back if your profile does not exhibit satisfactory results.
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Lower Interest rate

We offer several services and consultations that not only improve your credit score and remove unfavorable elements from your report but also ultimately help you get lower interest rates.

007 Credit Agent Quality Service

At 007 Credit Agent, we offer you a wholesome experience and help you take up your credit score to the level you desire.

  • Unlike other credit repair companies in Irvine, we will not charge you a hefty amount irrespective of the nature of services you obtain. Our customized packages will help you choose the level of credit restoration you want. Each package is designed with specific credit repair strategies and offers enrollment for single or several accounts. Thus, customers can opt for a package as per their paying capability.
  • We have dedicated services for Business Credit and Federal Student Loans. Our staff help entrepreneurs set up their businesses properly so that they do not face issues while applying for credit. We also look out for people struggling to pay their student loans through strategies like loan consolidation, payment reduction, rehab default loans, and student loan forgiveness.
  • Transparency in services is our biggest virtue. Customers can always know the current status of their credit report items and credit score. Thus, as soon as a negative item gets deleted from the credit report and the credit score improves, it is reflected in the client profile. Customers are also charged per the improvements in their credit position.

When it comes to your credit, no one wants to take a chance. Our credit consultants understand that completely, and hence, leave no stone unturned to ensure our customers get the best service. You can trust us with your credit position and we promise to turn the situation around for you.

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007 Credit Agent Serves Irvine, CA And Nearby Areas

The city of Irvine is rated as one of the top cities for start-up businesses in Orange County. It has a growing economy and is home to many businessmen. It also serves as the headquarters for many companies in the technology and semiconductor industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rebuilding credit will not be the same for everyone. Some are fortunate to see most of their negative accounts deleted or corrected in a month or two. However, this should not be the expectation as the credit repair process will be different for every case. The good news is that our credit repair specialist is very experienced and up to date with the most effective strategies on how to get your credit score higher sooner than later.

Some individuals have low credit scores because they have derogatory information such as late payments or collection accounts on their credit report. Others may have a lower credit score because they may have high utilization on their credit cards or may have little credit history. Contact our credit consultants for a free 15-minute consultation to go over your credit score.

You are entitled to a free copy of your credit reports every year from the major credit reporting bureaus. During the credit repair process, it is vital that we have access to your credit reports monthly as this allows our team to work on your case more efficiently. 007 Credit Agent has partnered with and provide a discount for their credit reporting monitoring services. You can take advantage of this discount by registering here, discounted credit reports.

Credit card balances affects 30% of your credit score. This is also known as credit utilization. The higher your credit balance is, the lower it will bring down your score. Paying off your credit cards can increase credit scores over 100 points after the balance updates on your credit reports.

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Money Back Guarantee

Credit Score Improved Or Your Money Back

Our guarantee is an industry leading 90-day money back guarantee. If we do not remove or update to a positive standing any negative account within 90 days, we will provide a full refund.