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Credit Collection Services

Removing Credit Collection Services from Credit Reports

Credit scores reflect your professional status, liability performance, and most importantly, your debt profile. That being said, it is essential to have a proper credit profile with no illegal or suspicious activity. False transactions can act against you and harm your score. Now, maintaining such a good profile is difficult and almost impossible if you don’t know how it works. 

Unfortunately, credit knowledge isn’t easily accessible like other information. It is too complicated for many individuals. In addition, if you have a 9-5 job or own a business, you will never have time to learn it. So does that mean you cannot have a supreme credit profile that makes you financially free? The answer would be no. You can always have that. How? Well, that is exactly what we will be discussing below. Let’s get started!

Who is Credit Collection Services? 

Your bank profile may have accounts from the last few years that you are still struggling to set right. Almost half the population is suffering from financial stress, and the number is increasing due to the pandemic. Bills are left unpaid, and debts are causing people to spend all their life savings. 

So how do these affect your credit profile? When you cannot return the money you borrowed from a company or a bank, they take action against you. This forces you to deal with certain agencies for the unpaid debt. One of these agencies is called Credit Collection Services, which issues collection letters to you. In most cases, you can pay the debt back. However, your credit profile will get a lower score. This ruins your creditworthiness, and you might not get to borrow money the next time you need it.

Apart from that, your interest rates will increase as banks will see you as a risky borrower now. Other debt agencies include Covington Credit, National Credit Systems, Jefferson Capital Systems, Sequium Asset Solutions, and ERC collections.

Now that you know how Credit Collection Services can affect you, you should avoid them at any cost. But what should you do if your profile is already piled up with collection accounts? Well, you will have to remove them. How? Keep reading to get your answer.

How do we help remove Credit Collection Services from your credit reports? 

Below we have listed three simple steps to do to protect your credit score:

Credit Collection Services


Send documents that contain proof 

The debt agencies will either contact you through phone calls or by U.S. mail. As a response, send a debt verification letter instead of calling them back. Why? Well, you need to make sure that they’ve received it before they list the account on your credit report. Some companies may pretend not to have received your mail. Phone calls are not always recorded so there is no proof that you’ve contacted them. 

When you mail a physical letter, send it certified mail, and you can be sure that they’ve received it.


Ask for proof of debt

Within a month after you’ve received your Credit Collection Services letter, you have to mail them a response. Ask for proof and data that shows that the debt they are addressing is yours. You should be sure that the person they are chasing after is you. You might not be comfortable questioning the company, but if the debt isn’t yours, you can save time.

At 007 Credit Agent, we provide support by writing out effective dispute letters. We know it is not easy to communicate with debt collection companies because of intimidation and fear. Not understanding the process may also overwhelm you. Our experienced team will help and guide you in this process. With our experience in conversing with different debt collections companies, we can assure you a favorable resolution.

Credit Collection Services sometimes misreads phone numbers and email addresses, so you might have received a debt that isn’t yours. Our experienced team can root out all the details Credit Collection Services has about you. They can use it to your benefit in the event you file a lawsuit against them.


Negotiate for removal 

Sometimes the best way to remove a collection from your credit report is to seek help and support from experts. Our seasoned credit repair experts can negotiate various credit concerns. We will take care of the negotiation part for you and provide you with updates. You can check in the client portal for a live status update on your credit report. To make the transaction fast and smooth, we ask you to share your problems openly to us. In this way, our team can figure out the best ways to deal with Credit Collection Services.

After negotiating, there will be an agreement on how you will pay your debts within a time frame. This only applies if the debt is proven to be yours. We will make sure to negotiate a payment arrangement that is convenient to you. Therefore, you do not need to worry about how you will pay off the debt in time. Once settled, we will also proceed to request the removal of the collection account on your credit report.

We understand how complicated and stressful it can be when dealing with credit collection services. But we can guarantee you success in helping you resolve your issues with them and fix your credit report. 

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