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Don’t Let Bad Credit Hinder Your Business Growth

With excellent schooling and a myriad of employment opportunities, Fullerton is brimming with young entrepreneurs trying to dominate the business and commercial landscape. If you’re planning to launch a start-up or expand your business, there’s no better place than Fullerton to do it.

You may have a top-notch business plan just waiting to sow the seeds of prosperity, but if you have a bad credit score, you won’t be able to make it far. Your business credit is the accumulation of all your business’s financial transactions that determines whether you’re reliable enough to get into business with. It’s a reflection of your business’s reputation and is tied to your growth. A bad business credit directly impacts your business’s ability to obtain lines of credit, utility rates, and reasonably priced insurance plans.

If you’re struggling to maintain a high business credit and don’t want it to hamper your business’s growth, let 007 Credit Agent’s expert business counseling services in Fullerton, CA, help!

Our Credit Consultants Will:

You’re probably aware that in order to build a FICO score, you require personal credit accounts. Similarly, to build a PAYDEX score, your business requires vendor accounts. The experienced credit repair experts at 007 Credit Agent will keep a close check on your credit history throughout the process and ensure you stay on the right path and obtain the financing you require for your enterprise.

Types of Business Credit You Can Get

With business credit cards, you’re generally allowed much higher limits compared to what you get with personal credit cards.

Don’t Let Poor Credit History Hinder Your Business’s Growth!

Whether it’s expanding an existing enterprise or setting up a new one, not everyone has the resources required to fully finance their business needs. To ensure that their growth is never hindered by financial restrictions, companies go for loans. However, there’s one major obstacle that stands between companies and loan procurement—and that’s their business credit score.
Similar to your personal credit score, a business credit score is the result of all the financial transactions your enterprise was ever a part of. It keeps track of how financially responsible a business is and is a primary factory used for determining a company’s creditworthiness.

However, considering the importance of a business credit score, it’s surprising that 72% of SMEs don’t know how to interpret their credit score. Consequently, they struggle to secure business loans and enhance their company’s value. If you’re in a similar predicament, reach out to our expert business credit advisors for assistance.

Here at 007 Credit Agent, we’re aware of the negative impact that delayed or insufficient funding can have on a business, and we’re always willing and available to help you prevent this crisis. We provide premium business credit repair consultancy services to enterprises in Fullerton to ensure they have a healthy credit score that makes it easier for them to obtain better loan terms, favorable payment periods, negotiation leverage, and better interest rates.

Our business credit repair services involve keeping a close check on your credit history so we can immediately catch inaccuracies and discrepancies, such as increased debt and missed payments that may harm your business’s credit history. We’ll help you stay on-schedule with your payments, so lenders have more faith in you and are more open to doing business with you.

Helping You Acquire Initial Trade Credit

We’ll also help you acquire initial trade credit by setting up meetings with potential lenders to help you strengthen your business credit reports. Moreover, to jumpstart your company’s progress, we’ll register your business with Equifax Commercial, Experian, and Dun and Bradstreet.

Furthermore, our innovative Business Credit Builder can help you obtain access to different forms of business credit, such as auto vehicle financing, cash credit, fleet credit, store credit to ensure smooth day-to-day operations for your enterprise.
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Loans are a vital source of financing for businesses. Besides equity capital, visionaries and entrepreneurs seek credit opportunities that enable them to put their plans into action. They look to crowd-funding sites, microfinance institutions, and banks.

However, a business has to prove that it’s financially stable and responsible in order to obtain credit. Before extending business credit, all lenders first determine the creditworthiness of the borrowing company. The factors they take into consideration include a business’s credit repayment history and current credit score. Other deciding factors include business cash flow and collateral availability.

Helping You With All Aspects of Business Credit

Here at 007 Credit Agent, we delve into the finer details of business credit. Our business credit repair services focus on all business-credit related aspects. Nevertheless, to understand how our services work, you need to be aware of the prevalent problems that arise when handling business credit. They include:

  • Newly established businesses struggle to find favorable credit options. They don’t have sufficient credit history needed to qualify for business credit. Even if they succeed in securing loans, they get high-interest rates. Many businesses struggle to pay off these loans since profitability is generally low in the growth (early) stages of the business.
  • The large payments weaken the business financially. SMEs that have just started off often struggle to meet their operational expenses. When you add loan payments on top of that, many end up defaulting. This leads to a bad credit history, which impacts their credit score.
  • Insufficient cash flow is another factor that prevents enterprises from getting loans. Many lenders consider an inadequate cash flow as a major indicator that the company is in a poor state financially.
  • Lenders shy away from business ventures that don’t have a solid, detailed business plan. They become doubtful about the borrowing company’s future and the chances of getting their money back.
  • High number of credit applications makes the borrower look undecided and confused. This can be a major red flag for lenders.

The aforementioned problems make the intervention of experienced business credit consultants necessary. They use their expertise and experience to assist companies in enhancing their credit score and managing credit more efficiently. They will help business owners understand and interpret their credit reports and any potential issues that may arise, thus enabling them to handle their finances better in the future.

007 Credit Agent Provides a Diverse Range of Business Credit Services

Here at 007 Credit Agent, we’re well-versed with any and all types of business credit-related issues and offer our services to enterprises in all industries and of all scopes and sizes. Our services are geared to help businesses enhance their business credit history, get more favorable credit opportunities, and grow. The business credit services we offer can be broken down into three categories:

  • Credit monitoring
  • Credit repair
  • Credit building

Our credit repair experts ensure that our business clients are registered with major credit bureaus, such as Equifax Commercial, Business Experian, and Dun and Bradstreet, and that their profiles are active. They also ensure that the bureaus have accurate, up-to-date information about our clients. The bureaus use all the credit-related data to create business credit scores and reports. Therefore, our professionals put special emphasis on ensuring the data is accurate and authentic.

Business Credit Consulting Services in Fullerton, CA

Hire Premier Business Consulting Services in Fullerton, CA

Your business credit is one of the most important elements that drive your business’s growth, and yet 72 percent of small businesses are unaware of its true impact. If you don’t want your business to hit a standstill because of insufficient or delayed funding, hire our premier business consulting services in Fullerton, CA.

We have an in-house team of expert business credit consultants to help you keep track of your business credit by eliminating inaccuracies that damage your credit history. From setting up your business correctly to creating your profile with Experian, Dun and Bradstreet, and Equifax Commercial that ensures your business’s progress, our comprehensive business consulting services do it all!

Our business credit repair services cater to all scales of business in Fullerton, CA, so you can improve your business credit score to get better credit opportunities and take your business to new heights!

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