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609 Dispute Letter

What Is A 609 Dispute Letter?

It’s disappointing to see inaccurate information on your credit report, moreover if it’s hurting your credit score. Good thing there are possible ways to fix this problem. One of them is by using a 609 dispute letter.

It is a method used to ask for the removal of negative information found on your credit record based on the legal specifications of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Section 609, hence its name.

But does it work? How? First, you need to know what Section 609 of FCRA is all about.

What is Section 609 of FCRA?

The FCRA Section 609 outlines the consumer’s right to ask for copies of their credit report and information. It doesn’t discuss your right to dispute any inaccurate information on your credit report. However, it does give you the right to own a copy of all the details found in it.

According to Section 609, you have the right to ask for all the information found in your credit files. It includes the sources of the information, employers or companies that have accessed your credit report for the past two years, and the businesses that made soft inquiries on your credit report for the past year.

609 Dispute Letter

In contrast to what other people think, section 609 of FCRA does not require credit bureaus to provide proof of your accounts. But the FCRA does give you the right to dispute some details you believe are incorrect.

Credit reporting agencies are only responsible for removing any information disputed to them that can’t be verified. They are also responsible for providing a detailed description, in written form, of the dispute process if you request it. If the information is accurate, the credit bureaus won’t remove it.

How Does The 609 Dispute Letter Work?

With the use of a 609 dispute letter, you can ask your creditor to release hard-to-find information. This will make it hard to verify the disputed item. The letter can help remove the incorrect item in your credit report. But the downside is, the item can appear again on your credit file if the furnisher verifies its accuracy successfully. However, you can still write to the credit bureau and ask for disclosure of the information. This method is also covered under section 609 of FCRA.

Important Reminders When Writing And Sending A 609 Dispute Letter

Some people or companies offer 609 dispute letter templates at a pretty expensive price, taking advantage of worried customers.

You don’t need to spend more money just to have a 609 dispute letter. You can write your own well-crafted letter instead of relying on a template. It will look more natural and believable. After writing the letter, don’t forget to include or attach any of these identifications to prove your claim further:

  • Credit report with the highlighted item in question
  • Birth certificate
  • Social security card
  • Passport (If you have one, make sure you have a clear copy of your photo and passport number.)
  • Driver’s license or any state-issued identification card
  • Tax document with your SSN
  • Rental agreement or a mortgage contract with your name and address
  • Utility bills with your name and home address

Make sure you provide four copies each: one for you and the other three for each credit bureaus. Also, don’t forget to attach supporting documents as well to prove your claim further.

Once you’re all set, you may send your letter to the respective addresses of the credit bureaus.

PO Box 740256
Atlanta, GA 30374-0256

PO Box 9701
Allen, TX 75013

PO Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016

For additional reminders, be careful when sending your letters via mail. Do not just send them to the corner mailbox as these documents are sensitive. Instead, go directly to the post office and send them to the correct mail to ensure they arrive at the right address and recipient.

Does A 609 Dispute Letter Improve Your Credit Score?

You can’t be assured a 609 dispute letter will be more effective than any other dispute letter. There are many different ways to dispute and remove errors from your credit report and improve your score. If your dispute is found to be valid, the credit bureaus can remove the negative item on your credit report. But any accurate information will remain. Thus, using a 609 dispute letter won’t guarantee the removal of negative items, but it can be a very effective strategy.

There are some limitations when using a 609 dispute letter:

  • Other letters used for disputing can be more effective than a 609 dispute letter.
  • The FCRA doesn’t require credit bureaus to keep records or proof of debts.
  • Any accurate information found will remain on your credit report.
  • The use of 609 dispute letters doesn’t guarantee the removal of negative items on your credit report.
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